Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 33 in El Salvador

August 2, 2010


Yes, I did get your package, and I will thank you in ten years when I have diabetes, cause this stuff is so good. Thank you. Tell the Lee family that I got their package too. Tell them thanks.

So to explain the videos----the dog---when we were constructing the house for the Alvarado family, I was on the job of digging the toilets. When we got there, the toilet was dug up to the height of my head, and I think I sent you photos of the later results.... anyway, Mario (the kid holding the dog first), was like “hey guess what, the other day the dog tripped and fell in the pit, but he jumped right out.”---I looked at the newly dug hole, and just told him that if the dog tripped again, it wasn’t coming out----so he looked at me with this “you’re full of crap”- face, and got a hold of the dog---that’s about the same time I pulled out my camera, to watch a dog jump 8 1/2 feet. ---So he was just gonna push it in, and I was thinking that the dogs gonna make a sound sort of like-- ´´KeerSPLAT!´´---so I had to take the dog from him, and gently toss it in. ---in the long run, the dog couldn’t get out, and it started whining, so I looked at Mario with an “in your face” kind of look, and he decided that the hole was a bit deeper, so later I pulled the dog out.

And as for my Spanish at that point, I was nothing near fluent.

As for the shoes, I don’t remember taking a video, but if I was sticking my finger through them, then they were mine.

That’s terrible about the little girl. There’s not much to say. I’m sick of people getting killed.

As for Rachel, do not let her go driving, until I say hi, like at least let me get back first. I didn’t even give her a proper goodbye when I left. If your gonna buy her a car, get her one of those Plastic-Mate brands, with the battery powered motor, or maybe a Tonka truck would be more durable. I don’t know who has forgotten by now, but I still have her voice reeling through my head---“no, I was going really slow, but I didn’t see the telephone post in front of me”---what is it gonna be this time. Can you put a trigger limit on it, like we can with the four wheelers? Tell Louis I want a favor, if he ever gets any time---tell him to modify my car a little----just a little----put window cages, sidewalls, reinforced bumpers, and the spaceman seatbelt on it. Then when its done, spay paint it bright orange, with diagonal black stripes. That should be all. ---Wait, better idea, and ask him if he has ever seen the cars in the movie Death Race----maybe we could do something like that.

So, we have an investigator who is the same age as dad, down to the August 7th, so we are going to have a duel party, just like normal. Tell dad Happy Birthday. She’s a good person, but we kind of have problems teaching them, her name Silvia, and the person she lives with Almando, and are not married. They live together with their kids, and grandkid, but they are each married to someone different, the both of them, even though they live together. So it’s a bit difficult for us.

I just got news that Elder X is returning to the mission. He was one of the missionaries that left my district in the MTC. I just saw his picture on the new missionaries that are coming into the field this next change. It’s like he’s coming back from the dead.

Hey, I don’t have any more time to write. Tell everyone hi.


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