Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 35 in El Salvador


Yah, hey, so I know about Sister Marielos tagging my facebook. She is actually doing it for you (mom); she is one of the only people I will ever meet that will talk for hours without stopping. They’re friends, and members, but honestly it is hard to leave their house. Every time I come over there, she complains, and is like “your poor mother, I can’t believe she would let you come down here for your mission.” She talks for hours about the weirdest stuff---when her dog got sick---how her house leaks---how her son broke his arm---the phone bills----and she will keep going for ever. ------The bishop also has this problem. The other day we decided to take him to a lesson----I am never doing it again----he talked in a lesson for three hours, we didn’t speak, the investigators didn’t speak, and it was just him rambling on and on. ---And things of no importance for first lesson investigators---first: the lineage of Joseph, the patriartical blessing, in the book of Job how Satan asked permission from God, the idolatry in the books of Moses, his favorite scriptures, why Satan tempts us, -----and he was going on and on, some of the stuff he said wasn’t even correct doctrine. It was terrible.

So, I didn’t answer a couple of your questions last time: Yes, that is tap water, the water bottles are mine I used in Zacatè and the other one is used from the water here---you can se the difference. The woman stirring the pot is Sister Sabina (who gave Kendra the hammock). My companion that looks like Obama is Elder Brandao---he is a new zone leader in Layco.

Changes are this Wednesday. These changes are going to be crazy, because there are like 16 gringos coming in, and nearly all the leaders are going home.

Comparatively to how it use to be, my area is doing better. It’s known to be the most difficult area in Ilopango. We have been working super hard, but still have nothing for baptisms. But we are working with far more people than the missionaries before us. We are consistently bringing around 4 people to church, which is a new thing for the area, when my first change, and the changes before I got there, the missionaries were lucky if one person came to church during the whole change. So we are slowly improving, but I am still really frustrated, because we work so hard, and are still not able to pull of the goals that are expected of us. We should see an improvement soon. I figure its like breaking the friction of a rolling stone, as soon as something little starts working, it will start rolling. Things will start happening soon.

I’m sending a picture of a couple families in the ward----


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