Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 34 in El Salvador


I finally got to read all the stuff you sent me in the package----and tell Kendra that I am quite impressed that her class was able to pull off “fight club” in the boy’s locker room, at least for a little while. But still nothing beats the class of ´09.

Hey, so there is this guy that lives in the neighborhood. He teaches the academy of the arts in El Salvador, and people come from all around the country to be taught by him. I’ve seen some of his work, and I really like his abstract stuff, but here is his website if you want to see---- name is Joalgar. If you want, I can get you something small.

My birthday was good. I had like 3 separate parties. This family was visiting from the United States in Utah. Me and one of their daughters had the same birthday. August 4 1990, and 1998. We’ve come over to their house for dinner a couple times, and I told the mom to tell you hi, but I’m sure they are busy---she speaks English.

The work in my area is going kinda slow right now, and it turns out the whole mission is having trouble.

There have been a lot of soldiers in the area lately, and a lot of police. They are always patrolling the streets for two weeks. It’s a little overboard for their normal routine. I haven’t seen so many soldiers since I left Zacaté.

I’m glad you were finally able to get those pictures.

Hey, so did Jordan get his mission call yet? I think I remember you telling me that he sent in his papers. Has Ian turned in his papers yet? How is Karl doing in Guatemala? How is Cory doing in Chile? How is Tim doing in Korea? How is Rick doing in the Dominican Republic? ---Tell them hi.

So I’m sending pics

First one is of my house, since I haven’t sent a pic yet.... the one behind me that looks like a jail cell with rifle slots.

The second one is my birthday with the Black family, from Utah.

I’m sending more pics,

Tell Kendra, and Rachel and Jared and Katie, and Alyssa, and cloey and tk hie. I got the videos. Tell Katie to keep up the riding. And tell Alyssa that I wish I could see all the words that are running off the page when she reads.


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