Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 52 in El Salvador

December 20, 2010


So...I loved the photos...yes, the trails made me homesick for about five seconds, but what stuck out the most was the photo for the TVC party----what’s up with all the wrinkles? I mean come on, it’s only been like fourteen months. ...Speaking of photos, I haven’t sent much in a while, because the computer has been on HTML mode, and it’s super slow, and when I try to change it, it doesn’t respond. I’ll try to see what I can do today.

WEDNESDAY....We interviewed Hna Marcela for her baptism. She’s a single mom we’ve been teaching. a friend of Hna. Maira who was just baptized. She passed her interview with flying colors.

THURSDAY...went to San Miguel for the Christmas party. We did Christmas plays.... I started feeling sick.

FRIDAY...Baptism. It was awesome. We got started a little late, but it was really good. Marcela is very content, and she’s gonna be strong in the church. Oh yeah, ha ha, on top of it all, it felt good to baptize someone that wasn’t fatter than me.

That night I got really sick...Fever, lungs sounded like a mix between crackling paper and a soft whistle, I was coughing up phlegm that looked like cottage cheese.... called the nurse. bed all day. Fever of 102°F - 103°F. Hot and cold effects. Pain in the lungs, still with the same effects as Friday. Also started diarrhea. There was a huge process of getting permission form the nurse, and getting medicine. I didn’t get permission to do an exam until today, so they’re gonna make sure I don’t have pneumonia.... They put me on a five day medication of Zithromax...

SUNDAY.... I’m magically cured. The fever was gone. The diarrhea was gone, the cottage cheese-stuff was gone----all I have is a little cough, a little stomach ache, and am a little light headed...But my boy scout teacher will get a kick out of this.... I totally got the impression to bring toilet paper to church, and I get there, had to go, and guess what, thee was none there.

TODAY...I feel great. I’m light-headed, and my lungs only make a sound like a purring cat, but only when I breathe deeply. I’m out and walking.

I’ll make a call after Wednesday. My companion might be getting changed before.... I’ll get a hold of you though.

Welllllllll, that’s about it. Long story. Honestly I don’t know what I’ll talk about for Christmas.... Oh, by the way, I got your package,with the stocking. Thanks.

Chow for now,

Elder Day

PS....I just wore holes into my shoes again.... the ones that I had replaced the soles on. Can’t walk on damp roads anymore, so I started with my other shoes. I might be replacing the soles again with the money from the card...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 51 in El Salvador


So my number is……. I have to check out the cell phone plans of the neighbors though, ‘cause maybe I can talk for an hour or so for a couple bucks.

That’s great about the weather and the candy. Sounds pretty normal.

As for my health, it has stayed the same, but I’m more worried about other things right now. It’s gotten a little better week by week.

Marcela is a single mother, and one of the friends of Maira Ayala who was just baptized. She is very honest and direct, which makes it easy to teach her. We just need to verify if she has completely put away drinking coffee, and she will be ready for this weekend.

A funny thing happened at church...George, one of our less progressive investigators, walked into the church, and asked the bishop (who was at my side), what he needed to do to get baptized.... the question kind of blew me away, because I wasn’t expecting it from him.... maybe I should paint a picture (he is about six foot redneck, scruffy-curly hair, with a pony tail...he drinks, he smokes, he is not married to his “companion,” and is nearly missing all his teeth, except for the yellow ones in front)...well, he asked what he would have to do to get baptized (he has been going to church, by the way)....and the bishop referred him to me. So, I told him the first thing to do was to get married to his girlfriend, and I told him we could help on the paperwork, but not he opened up his wallet to pull out his I.D. card, and his cigarettes fell out of his wallet, followed by an “oh *****,” so I told him he would have to work on that too, and he was cool with it, so other than his minor problems, we have one more positive investigator. I think we’ll put a goal for next Christmas, but if he’s serious, we could do it sooner.

As for me, I’m doing good right now. I haven’t had a lot of time lately. I have realized many things, and remembered many things, and have become more motivated for the work, and believe we could be doing double the work. Thank you for sending the letter last week about being more strict. I have put it into practice.

Changes are two days before Christmas, and by the way things are going in the zone, I am worried. I’ll get a hold of you though.

Until next time,

Chow for now

Elder Day

Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 50 in El Salvador

December 6, 2010


It’s surprising that Christmas is here already. It’s gone by so fast. I’m

thinking that I’ll still be in this zone for Christmas, so that will

be cool.

This week was kinda slow. I’ve had a cold, and am coughing up green

stuff, and I’m always tired. I think its passing though, because a

couple of days ago I completely lost my voice, but it has mostly

recovered since then. I’m still feeling a little slow.

The ward had a couple of baptisms, and they have been working with a

young woman named Lujana. She was baptized along with a boy of a less-active family. The boy was really nervous about it.

Our cocinara painted her house.... actually her boys painted her house.

First with the wrong color...neon yellow, and they were wondering

why their mom had chosen that color, and then she got home, and

freaked out when all the house was painted, and she called her

husband....and the first thing she says..”this is so ugly, what were

you thinking” he gets home, looks at the house, the first thing

He says is…”nah, that’s really cool, good job boys.” In the end

the mom won, and the boys had to go get a different paint.

This week we helped prepare for a birthday party for fifteen year old

girl. The 15th parties are huge, bigger than weddings. We were

invited to help prepare the food, and set everything up.

It’s been really cold this week, and I’m thinking about buying covers

for the bed.

Thank you for your letters, and for keeping me updated on the family.

That’s about it. I’ve got to run to the house real quick to grab some

records I forgot.

Chow for now.

Elder Day

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