Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 25 in El Salvador

May 31, 2010


The weather is fine today, but the last week it was raining a little, and we got some ash this morning. The last week the sewers overflowed, until it actually started spraying out clean water, and church was cut short because of the storm. This week is looking pretty clean though, and the skies are actually blue for now.

The new companion is good. His attitude reminds me of elder Noesí in Alaska. The only thing I need to work on is planning more ahead, because he likes to take his time, like 45 minutes extra on everything. So we are always late, but work has actually improved.

My area is one of the more difficult ones, because it relatively small, and has two huge Catholic churches, one in the center, and one in the entrance, and also a Catholic college in the other entrance. Most of the people we teach are super adamant about their church, and they tend to contradict themselves, so we are almost always looking for new people to teach.

This last Sunday, we actually got two investigators to church. It’s kind of sad for Central America, but at the same time, no investigators from my area have gone to church during three changes of different missionaries, so I’m glad we are improving. Back in Zacate, we were always bringing like 15 people to the church, every weekend, but here the people are different, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I figure to get unique results, I have to work in unique ways.

We are seeing improvement in many families. I’ve dropped almost all the families that my old companion liked, because we weren’t getting anywhere. I’m hoping that we’ll see a change. My new companion is good with people, and we are working more as a team than my other comp. So we are hoping that things will improve.

Yeah. I’ve heard also that a coke a day will keep the parasites away, but our president forbids it, and says it is against the word of wisdom. He made a big deal about it, because some of the members were giving coke to missionaries to drink, so he came to the stake center, and yelled at all the members and called them hypocrites. It didn’t really work though, because afterwards the members were joking about the fit he threw. It’s weird though, because the members also recommend it for parasites, and I’ve heard that it works well. Anyways...I don’t think I should be drinking coke, even to get rid of parasites, because he forbids it.

So why are Katie and Alyssa not best buds? What’s up with the death glare?

Yeah I got the Xd card, but the memory was empty, so I thought you were sending a disk.

Hey so I saw a picture of Elder Dennis...he’s training. I never got to tell you, but back in Zacatecoluca, me and him were talking. Two weeks after his mission, he has plans to come back, and take advantage of his airline tickets, and he’s coming back two weeks later with his family, and we were thinking about doing it together, with both our families. You should talk to Kisha Dennis about it. I think it’s a good idea.

This week went fast, that’s it for now.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 24 in El Salvador


Ok, so I’ll try to explain to you, now that it has passed, and you have nothing to worry about. I was referring to my companion, and my health, but I have recovered, and there have been changes, so both trials are fought through, and I am doing well. .... Firstly, what I was referring to in my companion. He didn’t want to work, or walk, or talk. The whole change mostly passed in silence, and though I would talk to him, he would only respond back and quit the conversation. He didn’t talk to me, the members or the people who were looking into the church, and for most of the time, I was doing double thinking. I was working with him more and more, but a lot of his progression is also his choice. Anyways, the week I wrote you, I was a bit behind and tired. So the other, referring to my health (do not call the nurse, I already have, and have taken care of it) (mom-do not put it on your to-do list either)...I caught the parasites again. One of the same bugs as last time, and another. The only thing this time, is the report said abundant bacterias, so of course all Tuesday I was vomiting, and Wednesday we went back to work, but I didn’t eat anything (except water and Gatorade and one yogurt a day), until Saturday at lunch. I have completed my medications for this, and am feeling much better. In one week I will go in for another exam to make sure that I have killed everything. Other time ---please don’t call in, I am doing well, all is taken care of. But yes--in short that is why I commented “test of patience,” and honestly I have learned a ton this change, and I wish I would have known some of this stuff in my other area, but I guess that’s how the mission goes. This time I was being super careful about what I ate and drank, but I guess my cook wasn’t washing the vegetables in agua con cloro. Really I don’t know what got me.

Yeah, you told me that Katie needs glasses. That’s crazy. Hey--I got your package, and by far it is my best package yet, so I’m stoked. The maple stuff broke, but the rest of it came through. Thanks for the tool, now I can fix my toilet. Before I had to haul water from the shower to dump to the toilet (because it didn’t flush), and my companion didn’t want me touching his bathroom, but it was cool. Maybe I will get to that this night.

Hey, one warning---I spent all my money for the month on medications (the nurse wanted me to take stronger stuff, that the FBI [FDA?] recently came out with), but I’m just telling you I might draw money out to pay the water bill and for some food.

I got a new companion, from Guatemala. Elder Perez. He is awesome, and tonight I will see how he works. But I am far more impressed than my last comp, and we get along well. He seems to understand that every person is different, and we need to help in different ways, so I believe it will go well. My last companion was great too, he just seemed more robotic, and less human, and im not ever sure what he thought of me or the people.

Well--I’m gonna say chow for now


Friday, May 21, 2010

trip to Usulutun

Trip to Usulutun

[This was written by another missionary who went with the group to Usulutun]

Ok, so this week we were sent off to Usulutan, the native cultural area that started the pupusa, to go translate for doctors giving away glasses. We met one Mormon doctor from Italy and there were doctors from Italy, Canada, and the states. It was really weird having to think who I’m talking to speak one language or the other. Especially because some people spoke Spanish and looked American and some spoke English and looked foreign. A few only spoke Italian and a little English so they were completely confused. But to get out there we had to get up early, terrible, and drive two and a half hours there in jungle, because the highway was out we had to take a back road (which in American means off roading in a van) and we had to get out and push twice, should have worn my boots. On the way home we drove on the highway that goes by the beach, but its still twenty minutes to the beach and it was misty so I might have seen the water once but I’m not sure. But we had a ton of fun.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 23 in El Salvador


Hey, I got your package with the memory card, and the photos. I love the picture of Katie and Alyssa in the hammock. And I showed a couple families the pictures too. The photo of Kendra in the construction shirt got a consistent comment though--Who is HE?--.

I also got the drawings I did as a little kid, and what I wrote. That is hilarious, sorry for being a brat. It’s funny, because I went back and traced the lines of what I drew, and I actually remember drawing them, and what was going through my mind. I also remember the influences for the drawings, and the reasons why I didn’t draw certain stuff like the hands. I remember we had a basement in one of our houses when I was little, and there was a little table that I would sit and draw at. It’s weird how that works.

I got the pictures of the four-wheeler trip too. Tell dad he should consider buying an artic-cat rhino, just for the annual trip.

That’s sweet about Jared. I hope he does well.

Graduation sounds cool. But remember that the best class is 2009. It’s is hard to top our class ha-ha. That’s crazy that everyone is done. That went really fast. But I’m glad a few people are still staying in Fairbanks.

I finally got Kendra’s letters, and talking on the phone has thrown me your perspectives, so I’ve been trying to get more and more organized with my time, to get time to write, but I plan to do better at writing. I also found something for the package for you that’s pretty sweet.

So what’s up with LHS soccer? Is it just West Valley, or are they not doing good this year?

So, Jorge (William Díaz) told me he was chatting it up with Kendra over face book. He says Kendra was asking all these questions to make sure I was the right Elder Day.

As for me, my patience is being tested again, but this time I can speak Spanish, so it’s easier. Changes are coming up next week.

So the area is called Bosques de la Paz. It is literally right next to the Salvadorian Air force base in Ilopango. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the only Air force in El Salvador. My street is number 18, and its on the further side of the Air force base. There is also a school really close called Colegio de Joseph, and you might be able to find that.


Monday, May 10, 2010

More Graffiti

So I went to teach a lesson, and the gang was asking me for money. I walked out of the lesson, and they had this spray-painted where they were all standing, but they had left. They were all super stoned at the time, but the MS13 can still draw a peaceful picture when they are high.

Week 22 in El Salvador

May 10, 2010


It was good talking to everyone last night. I felt bad for cutting Kendra and Louis off at the end, but sorry I have a time limit. It sounds like everyone is doing good, and Alyssa sounds all working-on-growing-up. I’m hoping to try to do better writing people hand written letters, but I just don’t get a lot of time.

Yeah, the pictures came through, without any problem. Keep me updated on what everyone is going to do after high school. If the yearbook is good this year, maybe you could lend me it, and I can send it back.

So, yah, the huge group of missionaries that were sent home was mostly from sickness. We kind of end of making fun of our situation here, saying stuff like –“hey, I had a normal week” and other stuff. Elder Cavan had some parasites the other week, but he went through them well.

While I was talking to you, don’t get the idea that my mission president is a bad one. He is a great person, and helps us out quite frequently, and he wants us to be happy. I think his plate is just a little full now, and there are bigger problems now.

As for the letters and calling in, I don’t really get in trouble, but they are just kind of whiney. My health right now is better than most others, and I’m doing well.

I will try to look for something for Jared, since he was asking. The machete I bought, we used for helping a lady with her garden, so I’ll send him something else. Switchblades are illegal in the US right? I’m assuming he wants a murder weapon.

Alright, I’ll try to send those pictures I was telling about, sorry I couldn’t talk for longer, but you know how it runs in the mission. I’m glad to hear what people have been doing. So did Teagan get her scholarship?

I’ll try to send those pictures now.

Hey. Happy mothers day.


Monday, May 3, 2010

The car

I finally got the picture of my car that I was telling you about. It’s cool, ‘cause when I drive it through town, the vibrations from the engine set off the alarms of the stationary cars. Zoom zoom zoom ha ha!

Baby baby gecko

A baby-baby gecko I caught yesterday in the house . The big ones are too fast to catch, and the people say they bite, so I haven’t tried with the big ones.

Week 21 in El Salvador

May 3, 2010


Please do not call the nurse again, even if it’s been on your to-do list for a while. I’m actually doing a lot better, and I’ve regained my weight, so I think I’m good. If something serious happens, I will talk to the nurse. She just said to drink more water.

Yes I saw Michael and Hunter at the multi-zone. The are doing good. I also saw my old companion and more depressed than I’ve ever seen him. He wouldn’t tell me much, just that things have changed, and are different with his new companion. I just feel bad, because he helped me out a lot, and now he’s not doing good.

Mail TK [our bird] to me and I can set him free here with all his friends. A lot of them down here pluck all their feathers out though, but it’s probably because the people cut their wings off completely, and are just left to run on the floor and get eaten by the Cosuco´s or Guasala´s. I don’t know what that translates to. But there are huge rats that eat full-grown chickens. Some people call them mountain cats. Tell TK he is lucky. Tell Jared to love him.

I forgot to tell you that this Wednesday, I was translating for eye doctors from the USA and Europe. The Lion’s Club and One Sight has this huge project going on down here. I was working with this one doctor from California for most of the day. I love translating for people, and it was cool ‘cause I got to look at some crazy cataracts. She kept saying “this is the worst case I have every seen in my life,” and then someone new would come in and be worse. I saw a cataract that filled this guys whole eye. The medical terminology was difficult at first, but I got it down, because they translate pretty close. I’m going back again this Wednesday to Usulutan to translate. I’m excited.

We went through 1500 people that day. I saw a ton of blind people, too. One guy was chopping wood as a teenager, and got a splinter in his eye, and he pulled it out. The nurse asked me if he had taken treatment, and he said he had put honey in his eye to stop the redness and the pain. I freaked out, and told her, and she freaked out. I asked him again, and he was like, ”yeah, it was honey from bees, yah know the kind you eat.” The nurse responded and said that didn’t help him much. There are other crazy stories too. People here are crazy, they just tough everything out.

TTFN, Corey

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