Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 36 in El Salvador


Ok. So I had transfers. I’m in an area called the Campanera. I wasn’t really planning on coming here, but I guess, like dad says, there is a purpose for everything. It is famous as being the most dangerous colony in Central America, and the mission. It is territory of 18. And they are far more organized here. A documentary has left about the area, and I told you about it earlier. A lot of the parts in my area are restricted by the mission. My new companion is named Elder Alvarado---he’s from Guatemala, and it’s turning out to be another companionship like me and Elder Brandao. [This is a good thing] It’s a little bit of a break from being the second trainer of two starting companions, and we can work more as a team. Alvarado has 7 months in the mission.

We had a baptism this Saturday, and I talked to my old companion, and everything has been set up in my old area, and they also baptized one of my investigators this Saturday, and they have more coming, and we have more coming.

In the middle of packing, I think I left my razor somewhere, so when I came to my new area, I started shaving with an extra head of my old razor. It went all good, until I was shaving above my lip, and one of the blades slipped, and I was bleeding all over the place. I came prepared though, always have superglue in my bag (I’ve had to patch up my fingers a couple times too), and its all good now, but I’m gonna have another scar.

I had pictures of it, but somehow all my photos got erased, from the last 4 and half months. I’m going today to a Kodak shop to see if they can restore the photos. If there is something possible to do on your end, tell me, and I can send you the memory. If nothing works out, I’ll get a hold of Elder Perez and Elder Herrera, and get copies of some of the photos. Also on your end, I hope that you have made two copies of the memory cards I have sent.

A member family that we used to visit in Zacatecoluca has moved to my new ward. Its cool, cause I didn’t expect to see them after they moved.

My new zone is absolutely nuts, and we have the majority of the more crazy missionaries with us. I’m sitting next to Elder Augilar who is almost fluent in English, but learned it through watching movies and video games---it kind of shows though, because he speaks a lot of slang.

I’m working on an envelope for the family---I have a little painting in there. I was going to throw in other drawings, but right now I don’t feel like dissecting one of my more complete sketchbooks. I haven’t been able to do a whole bunch, but I have formatted tons of ideas for paintings. I’ve also got a poster of the new temple that they are building in San Salvador.

Well, uhhhh, no pictures for today. Sorry


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