Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 32 in El Salvador

July 26, 2010


So I tried to send my letter from last week, cause I’m not sure that you got it, or the pictures. Tell me if you have gotten it. ----I sent a package last Monday, so it should get there around Thursday more or less. I’m sending my memory cards again. You can look through the pics, but don’t put anything on facebook.

There have been miracles happening in the ward. Since our problems with people falling away, things have happened, and everyone has changed their style of work. People are coming back, and the gossips have mostly stopped, and the Stake of Ilopango was congratulated for having the highest retention rate in El Salvador for the past couple months. I didn’t think such big problems could change so fast, but it’s true when they say that with God all things are possible. The stake now has a goal to divide the Montecristo Ward, which I am in with my companions Elder Perez, Elder De La Cruz, and Elder Dexter. There is a huge project going on, and the leaders have told us that the Quorum of the Twelve is also looking over it. We are doing all new activities, and are going to start “linger longer,” which these people have never heard of.

This has been another crazy week, but I have been learning a lot.

It rained yesterday, and there was tons of lighting that was close. Usually you wait for the thunder to come after the lighting, but it was happening the same time---the flash and the sound. At the first lighting strike the power went out of the entire colony, and almost left our ears ringing. There was tons of water, and today we are going to run by Guillermo, and see if his house has fallen apart again. Guillermo, has become a very involved member of the ward, and the ward loves him...they all call him my grandpa, because he has blue eyes and light skin. I have learned a lot from him, and from being around him.

I love the photos. What has Alyssa stacked up? Is the red car Megan’s and Gid´s?

So, I have written a couple letters, but I forgot to bring them here, so I’ll have to send them next week. We only come to Soyapango on Monday, to write, and the rest of our week we are in our areas. Just telling you in case the dates are all messed up on the letters.

Things with my companion have gotten a lot better. We are working more together now, and it is so much easier to work.

Well that’s about it. Maybe I can do something crazy this week, so I can write about it on Monday.

Salud pues,


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