Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 74 in El Salvador

May 23, 2011



So I guess Kendra is married now.... don’t quite know what to say...

...Well, this week has been crazy, but several small miracles have happened, and I’m hoping they will keep up until the end of this weekend.... we might be having a family baptism...and a youth baptism this same weekend, and we need to travel today to get the birth certificates of the family, so that we can get them married...they have a granddaughter whose mom is in the United States, and she needs to get permission still.... today we will be busy setting up everything for the wedding...so I don’t have much to say right now. We have become good friends with this family, and are passing by every day, I’m just hoping that we can make this possible for them within this month, and before changes.

Sorry, I’m fried, and honestly have forgotten the events of this week.... I still need to wash my clothes (we wash clothes by hand here...speaking of which I have almost scrubbed holes in all my clothes, and need to take them to get mended).... things are just adding up, and it will all come down to this weekend that is coming up.

For this weekend we have also planned a mission activity, to see a movie in the church with the investigators.... but the ward hasn’t really helped out at all, only the secretary Kelvin, so once again we will be doing all of this alone.

Well that’s it for now.... SEND ME THE PHOTOS PLEASE

Chow for now,


Friday, May 20, 2011

After teaching in the juvenile hall

Week 73 in El Salvador

May 16, 2011


So, this week passed well. The fily we had didn’t come to church again, and everyone hat we contacted also seemed to disappear on Sunday when we passed by for them. We have completed all our goals, and within the last four weeks we have taught over 84 new people in their houses, and their families, along with all the people who we were previously teaching.... I think I’m working harder here than in any of my previous areas, but we still have nothing....

I’m sending photos---the first one was an activity that we organized and invited the zone leaders...we taught a conference in one of the government court buildings, we taught the message of the restoration to a room full of juvenile-hall kids, and their parents from all over town...we were teaching over 30 people, and got references from a couple so we can actually go to contact them all in their houses.... we weren’t allowed to take photos inside, so when we finished we took one outside of the building.

Well, that’s it for now, not much has happened, work, work, work.

chow for now

Elder Tirado and me

Zone Barbeque

I can't believe he got a hold of a skateboard!!!

Week 72 in El Salvador

May 9, 2011


I’m finally going to send photos. It was good to talk to everyone. The first one is me, since I guess you haven’t seen me in a while.... the second one is the zone, during our barbeque, and the third one is of me and probably one of my best friends in the mish, Elder Tirado...I’ve never been his companion.... but we were in the same district in Soyapango.

I’ll see if these get to you...chow

Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 71 in El Salvador

May 2, 2011


So, this week I’m going to send the package...don’t worry about the flag, I got a big one that you can hang from the ceiling.... in the box I’ll have my pictures too.

I got your package this week...and the salmon. Tell Katrina thanks.... I’ve decided to reseal Alyssa’s painting for a future day.... like maybe ten years, and I got Kendra’s invitation...this really isn’t a joke is it?

The new mission president will be David Glazier and his wife.

I’m not sure if dad read one of my past letters, because he was asking about it, so I’ll repeat it... when I finish I will be coming directly to Fairbanks.

Next week, José Amadeos will be getting baptized. He just needs the interview.

Last night I trapped a scorpion in the house, and I cut off its tail with a spoon...the ants had eaten it by the morning.

I’m going to try to get my camera fixed today...I’ve got an old investigator friend that fixes cell phones and cameras, and I told him the problem and said that he would fix it for free, so I’ll take it to him tonight.

Elder Lindsey is in my zone, also Elder Brown, the two of them came with me in the MTC.

The sister missionaries that came in our group have now gone home...it’s a bit strange to think of how fast it has gone.

Elder Dexter’s old friend Veronica just got a new calling...she is teaching Gospel Principle class, and will start next week.

We have been visiting a bunch of the members and less actives lately to try to re-motivate them. I feel bad though, because they have no confidence whatsoever in the bishop (some with good reason), but he is still their bishop. I feel bad though because a ton of them while talking to us, have confessed things, and have told us that they just needed to tell someone...I honestly do not know what to do in this case, because it is the bishop’s responsibility and not mine...I feel that all I can do is to encourage them.

Me and my companion have put new goals, and new methods of working, and it’s working out...we are teaching shorter lessons, and about twice the lessons in one day...I think I’m going to buy markers to do pictures for the lessons.

That’s about it for now,


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