Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week 75 in El Salvador

May 30, 2011


So, this week was hectic, I’ll try to explain it...

On Monday, me and my companion skipped p-day with the zone, and went to Yucuiquin to get birth certificates and other documents for the family’s wedding, so we went and came back, got everything without a problem...the zone leaders were also working on a family baptism and had to go to the Alcaldia in San Miguel to get their birth certificates, so they picked our other one up also...the same day we found two people that could be witnesses for the wedding and we set everything up with the lawyer, and everything was in line....

On Tuesday we had last one with President Perez. After the interviews we visited the family Rivera, and told them that everything was ready for their wedding (that they agreed to last week), when we told him that he closed up to everything we had taught him, when we were about to leave, the president walked into the house and began teaching the family, but he didn’t get anywhere either and then kept quiet, Pedro was being stubborn, so we exhorted him to pray in that moment and ask about it, which he did after some difficulty...before it didn’t take so much work with him.

The whole week we prepared for the mission activity...we had planned it three weeks ago with the ward and the bishop, but nobody had opened up a ward calendar.... there was a youth activity in San Salvador and a Relief Society activity in the stake center that same day and that same hour...

---In short, the family baptism fell through, and they didn’t come to church on Sunday either...Maria had a fever and was coughing up phlegm, and Pedro was just stubborn, I feel like we are losing them.

---We had the activity---we watched Joseph Smith the prophet of the restoration---not very many people showed up, and we honestly had an equal number of investigators and members there, even though it was announced on Sunday...

----The bishop told us that he would have everything set up when we got there (our job was to bring the food, which we did)---nothing was set up, then Hno. Raul (second councilor) came in, and gave us the keys...he said—“here’s the keys, my wife is in the hospital about to have a baby, you just figure it out!”.... so we did, and there was no audio, so we hooked up the dvd-visual to the projector, and the audio we hooked up to another tv, and we had a big screen movie.... it was all on the spot, but it worked out well.

---Kenia showed up to the activity, and she said, “I won’t be able to get baptized tomorrow like we planned, can I do it right now???”---“Ok, sure-“ --so we baptized her after the movie, and invited the Relief Society from their activity. It was great, my companion’s first first baptism in the mission where we taught all the lessons over the phone.... because the people she lives with won’t let us in. She always goes to church though, and has so far read the Book of Mormon up to Mosiah.

----Sunday, almost nobody came to church, Kenia was confirmed, very cool....

----They just told me that nobody was going to have changes.... I will have six months here----4 1/2 in Zacatecoluca 4 1/2 in Ilopango 6 in Soyapango, and soon to have 6 here...

Ok, chow for now,


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