Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 74 in El Salvador

May 23, 2011



So I guess Kendra is married now.... don’t quite know what to say...

...Well, this week has been crazy, but several small miracles have happened, and I’m hoping they will keep up until the end of this weekend.... we might be having a family baptism...and a youth baptism this same weekend, and we need to travel today to get the birth certificates of the family, so that we can get them married...they have a granddaughter whose mom is in the United States, and she needs to get permission still.... today we will be busy setting up everything for the wedding...so I don’t have much to say right now. We have become good friends with this family, and are passing by every day, I’m just hoping that we can make this possible for them within this month, and before changes.

Sorry, I’m fried, and honestly have forgotten the events of this week.... I still need to wash my clothes (we wash clothes by hand here...speaking of which I have almost scrubbed holes in all my clothes, and need to take them to get mended).... things are just adding up, and it will all come down to this weekend that is coming up.

For this weekend we have also planned a mission activity, to see a movie in the church with the investigators.... but the ward hasn’t really helped out at all, only the secretary Kelvin, so once again we will be doing all of this alone.

Well that’s it for now.... SEND ME THE PHOTOS PLEASE

Chow for now,


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