Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 77 in El Salvador

June 13, 2011


I got changes...I’m in an area called Jiquilisco, in Usulutan. It’s a small branch and part of a district, but the members are powerful. I’m hoping I can get organized soon enough to get everything going...I’m with Elder B...his last change, and he’s super baggy---I’ll have to tell you about him.

Elder B is from Guatemala...I knew him before this change, because he was Elder D’s last companion. I had actually made a list in my mind of a few people I didn’t want as companions...he was third on the list, I’ll learn a lot this change. He likes announcing on the radio, changing his voice, talking in other accents.... the hard part is to make him shut up.... we have various lessons with people, where he, without getting to know the person at all (zero communication)--opens his bible and talks---not like normal talking, but like an auctioneer announcer...super fast, almost to yelling...if I didn’t know Spanish good, I wouldn’t be able to catch what he’s saying.... so he talks fast, and its not like I can interrupt him in front of the members or the he rambles on for three hours.

We have a very intelligent investigator that we found yesterday, and he asked a question about baptism for the dead, so Elder B rambled on about the Word of Wisdom, and the guy interrupted him and repeated the question, I tried to take over, but my companion cut me off, and started stating all the passages in the Bible that speak on witches and wizards and evil spirits, by this point the investigator (three hours later), told us he didn’t have any more time (I was thinking “well yah,” but Elder B kept on rambling on like an auctioneer, returning to the topic of the Word of Wisdom...half hour more....about 20 minutes into his rambling I tried to sign to him to finish, it got to the point that I started kicking his feet....

We were in a march for the blood drive, the whole zone was in. My companion hopped in the car in front (the guy that was announcing with the microphone, leading the parade) companion soon took over the microphone, and later in the activity he took over the microphone, directing the plays, speaking from 7:00 am to 2:30 pm....the activity ended. -----Later that day we found a family of 7 companion was tired of taking, so I led the lesson, but the members actually did most of the testimonies for us, on Sunday five of them came to church.... I’m hoping a miracle will happen with this family.

The second day the cocinara asked me where I had been in my previous area, I told her Roosevelt, San Miguel, without explaining anything

----She said “oh, I’m sorry you just got back from hell.”

----I silently thought, “yah, but now I’m with the devil”

-----Things have gotten a lot better since then. The first two days were tough, and then I returned to the scripture that grandpa gave me from Doctrine and Covenants “if their be any among you that are strong in the spirit, let him go with him that is weak, that he may be edified in all meekness”...I decided that my patience could be edified by being with him, and that I could edify my companion through teaching.... I meditated a bit longer, and a thought came to my mind, “If you teach your companion, you can teach your investigators through him.”---the next couple days went a lot better...though I have to say it is hard to speak to him when he is checking out his muscles in the mirror.... (He wakes up every morning at 4:30 am to do exercise, then goes back to sleep)....

It’s not as bad anymore, even though teaching is still really hard with him. He’s a funny guy though, I don’t know if he tries to be funny, but the days are entertaining. I’m hoping for a miracle.... being with him is enjoyable, but teaching is tough.

We will be having a multi-zone this week; I’ll see Elder Anton again. President Perez is leaving...and President Glazier is coming.

Chow for now,


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