Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 78 in El Salvador

June 20, 2011


Things are going better with my comp. I’ve been teaching him in the nights little by little. We’re now teaching almost fifty-fifty in the lessons, and we will be having a baptism this week.... I’ll tell you about that, because it almost fell through, funny experience...but things are going better with my comp, and we are working normal again...I’ve learned a lesson over again, something I learned biking too...a bike is better with two half full tires than with one flat tire and one good tire.... I’ve learned that teamwork is always better, that we have to be friends.... it’s a refining process for us both.

We had a talk the other day, and I’ve asked him how he has had so much success, and he told me who his companions were.... almost all of them ex-leaders; zone leaders, secretaries, assistants, his whole mission. He’s had luck with companions.

I’m sending photos...

These are from last week, at the blood drive activity

I don’t know if they will all come through, because I have a virus again.... but we can give it a shot.

----I caught a cold this week, and still have a little, but its mostly clearing up. I’ve lost some weight in this new area...I’m gonna turn out like Ian Jensen.

----Anyway, the story of Miguel, our planned baptism for this week. ...Miguel is a youth (14 years old) of a family we activated that hasn’t been baptized.... he lives most of the time with his cousins, (who are all members), but occasionally goes down the street to live with his parents (who aren’t members)...he always comes to the church, and has come now for a month or so.... we asked him if he wanted to get baptized, and he got excited. He does though, at times have a duel personality, and gets really wild, and other times he keeps all the commitments (he can pray really well now, and he’s reading).... but this Sunday was one of his off days I guess (other off days he has gotten up on busses and shouted like he was the guy collecting money, and other stuff like that to show off....). Anyway, he was going to come with his cousins, but one of his oldest cousins, José showed up with his mom, and nobody else came (they are a family of nine), so I start wondering why Miguel didn’t show up, and after sacrament meeting I talked to José, and he said that Miguel had washed his shoes, and didn’t have dry shoes to come to church with...anyway, a little afterwards Miguel comes walking in the church.... flip flops, shorts on, and he’s got a live chicken tied to a leash by the foot.... so I asked him, “hey, why didn’t you come early?”...he just looked at me and said, “I felt silly coming to church in flip flops” I asked him, “and it doesn’t make you feel silly to have a chicken on a leash inside the church?”---he looked at me with this look like “you’ve got a point there”, Miguel went to class, and we stuffed the chicken in the janitor’s closet until the meetings all went well. I got a laugh.

Well, chow for now,


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