Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 79 in El Salvador

June 27, 2011


So, I’ve got good news and bad news....

Good news...Miguel was baptized, he was super happy about it. Not a lot of people showed up, because it was raining.... you should have seen us walking through the rain...in the last couple minutes we decided to buy a small $6 cake for the baptism...so I was carrying two bags, a cake, plastic plates and forks in one hand, and my backpack, and my umbrella and sandals in my other hand, all under heavy rain...there was enough water in the sides of the road that we probably could’ve just baptized him their haha.... anyway.... we had all his friends at the baptism, it was small, but there was a peaceful feeling there.

Also...President Perez is leaving on Wednesday.... the kind general is leaving, and a father is coming. I’ll meet him next Wednesday. It’s my hope that he will be better.

Bad news.... when I left San Miguel, I paid all my bills, but when I came here none of the bills were paid...on top of that, it was Elder B, and another companion with equally as much time as him...two baggies.... spent a ton of money and the bills are at least triple (normal electricity bill is like 12 dollars, if we are working all day, and don’t enter the house until nine, but they left the bill at close to $40.... the telephone bill is worse), because they don’t care...their attitude is “well, I’m leaving, so it won’t be my problem”....so I’m left to pay their bills, with the money I don’t have...my companion is broke too. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but for the past two weeks I’ve been living on the house money, hoping the mission will send us something, but I can’t pay the bills, and the receipts haven’t come, so I can’t turn the receipts into them, to ask for more, .....One big mess.

I hope that when Pres. Glazier comes he will change this to be like the other missions, where the mission pays for the bills, and we are only left to worry about our own costs, and not of the missions and also companions.

Also...the house flooded from the rain, it came through the roof of our two-story house, and the bottom floor is flooded, because the top floor is flooded.

Anyways that’s it for the good news and bad news.

We are teaching a man named Moises.... he’s deaf, and mute, and never went to school, so he can’t read either. He is about 40 something years old, and is just starting to study again at a first grade level...anyway, I’m learning Spanish sign language, little by little.... I teach him with drawings also. He says he wants to get baptized, but he can’t get to church until the next Sunday, because he will be working (he works as a money collector for the buses)...we taught him yesterday the whole story of the Book of Mormon, and the restoration, and he understood...we explained a little bit about ourselves, and the mission. My companion basically turned the lesson over to me...half of the family are members also, and they know an informal form of sign language (basically what I’m doing right now, but I want to learn it good).... anyway, we are hooping that we can get him to church. ...I feel weird after teaching the lesson, my mind has to be working on double time, like when I was learning Spanish, but its a cool experience.

I’m sending photos of two service project that we did on Friday...I don’t know if it’ll work...

I’m going to try to copy my memory as ASAP...

Chow for now


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