Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 66 in El Salvador

March 28, 2011


So, I copied both the discs of my pictures, and I’ll be sending them soon with a couple other things for the family as well. They run over my whole time in Soyanpango, and my first weeks in San Miguel. I’m not sure there are very many videos except for the time the clouds came rolling in and we got wet, or one of the stake dance performance/service projects, but there are various photos.

This week has passed well. My comp is very cool, and we are working well. We’re still facing the repercussions of the past changes in this area, so the bishop is mad at us because we haven’t had any baptisms yet.

We are teaching various families, people I really care for, but they have huge difficulties in their lives, so it’s difficult for any of them to progress at this moment. About half the families that we are teaching are not married, some don’t want to get married and some can’t----I’ll give some examples of the situations, because they are bizarre...

Family Flor and Adàn: have been going to church and want to get baptized, but aren’t married, and they can’t get married because he first needs to get divorced from another woman, and if he gets divorced with her then her kids are going to lose their heritage (he is rich), and the kids have already threatened his life if he divorces...

Family Oscar and Sofia: A young couple, not married. Very friendly. Oscar wants to progress, but Sofia no, and Oscar wants to get married, but Sofia thinks he only wants to get married for the church’s sake. On top of that, he will need an interview with someone other than a district leader, because he use to rob cars in the US when he was seventeen, and finally got caught stealing a police car.

We are teaching about four other families, but mostly it is just basic commitment problems, so I’m hoping things will shape up soon.

I have seen a couple things happen in these last weeks, also happening in my previous areas, and have decided that you guys should not make plans to come down here. That’s final, so don’t plan it into your calendars.

Well that’s it for now folks, general conference is coming up WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Chow for now,


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