Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 62 in El Salvador

February 28, 2011


Well, I’m going to try to compose my thoughts well enough so I can write this in English....

I’ll write what has happened here first.... um, let’s see.... well, Monday I’m pretty sure I broke my nose again, this time playing soccer. I didn’t think it was until it was still sore on Friday. It’s funny though, because now instead of being a little crooked to one side it kinda makes a zigzag shape, so if I do the math and take the overall sum, I’ve got a semi--straight nose again. Actually it’s not too bad... life is good.

Tuesday.... we finished teaching the final lessons to Yansi, who was baptized on Saturday. Her mom, who had been inactive for a while, told her ex-boyfriend (who was the problem of her in-activation) that she was going to come back to church, and was going to be firm. She told us that she had broken up with him so that she could reactivate herself and support her daughter. Her ex-boyfriend wasn’t member, and didn’t allow her to go to church, every once in a while they had communication by telephone (he’s in the U.S.), but she told us she is coming back for good now. She gave her testimony at Yansi’s baptism.

Yansi’s baptism was on Saturday. We got the stake youth and primary together, because our ward would not support. The room was full, and it was a very cool experience. Yansi’s mother nearly cried in the


We have been getting families to church, and we just found a recent family. Very positive, though they are not married. I’m hoping that they will progress all the way.

My companion has been a little depressed about the mission. He says there is too much injustice with the leaders and that there is a lot of bad missionaries. I told him that the mission is not for missionaries but for youth who are learning to become missionaries. I told him that when we get home we might not be able to say that the mission was the most enjoyable experience in the world, or that we were all close friends, or that it was all the most spiritual experience.... but if we hold it out we could repeat the words of Paul “I have fought the good fight,” because the mission is a long and continual life lesson.

That’s about it.

Ok, well I’ve chilled out a little bit...one question about the wedding.... 2011? Or 2012?...actually the wedding doesn’t come as much of a shock.... when Kendra called last Mother’s Day and she told me she was dating some 26 year old bloke, I freaked out and felt it wasn’t right.... but when she told me a little about Stephen I actually felt chill about it. After seeing the photo I actually had the feeling that they would be getting hitched soon. I feel fine about it, and trust Kendra. Tell my new cuñado hi. Send pics.

All right, chow for now.

Elder Day

p.s.-- Do me a favor, and take Frankensled [his snow machine] out for a ride, and send me

photos so that I know you have warmed it up this winter.

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