Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 42 in El Salvador


So, I didn’t have changes. I’m still with my comp in the same area. Elder Dennis moved up to zone leader and is with Elder Brandao in another area. They called a little while ago, and it’s weird that they are together, because back in Zacate, our district was so close that it seemed like one big companionship.

I saw Elder Johnson’s mom, and also Debbie Twitchell. President didn’t let her carry the package to me, even though she has been carrying it the whole time, so I should be getting it from him.

Yeah---I knew it was the Guatemala national bird in my painting. I believe that some of the ancient Mayans worshipped it as a god.

Not much has happened this week other than conference and transfers.

I have neither lost weight nor gained weight. But, back in Zacate, the first time I was sick with parasites, I dropped like fifteen or twenty pounds in two weeks. When that ended, my weight went back up to normal, and hasn’t moved since. I’m not sure I told you that.

Conference was great. I particularly liked the talk from Deiter F. Uchdorf on time management, and tree rings.

Alright, so I thought about your question on Christmas.... get me music on cd’s or mp3-cds. I can’t find Josh Groban here. I have one of his discs, but not the same one as we have at the house---particularly looking for “you raise me up.” Also, that Christmas cd that you have, I think it’s called Handles Messiah.

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