Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 45 in El Salvador more


We are a little late in writing, and I think our time is going to get cut short too. The other cyber-cafe shut down, so the whole zone had to search for another one...and we couldn’t find one. Finally the zone leaders called the Pres. and he gave us permission to go into Plaza Mundo, probably the biggest mall in the country.

I love the pics of the fire, but doesn’t look like you got much snow.

You should be getting a package from me. It’s all for mom and dad, but I want the stuff when I get back.

I’m sending two photos.

The first one is the train tracks to Appopa. That’s me and my companion at 6:00 am. We had to travel. Lost the train. Went in bus and got there the same time as the others for the multizone.

The second one is a photo of a girl in the primary called Gabriela. She reminds me a ton of how Alyssa is, and she’s almost got the look down too.

I forgot my other memory card, and I’ll try to bring it next week, cause I’ve got some cool pics on that.

For my binder.... I hope you are putting your letters in there too. I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping track of my mish in my journal. I’m planning on saving it all, and the photos, and writing a book when I get back. I’ll just have to retranslate it all right now, ‘cause my second journal is almost all in Spanish. It goes by so fast.

Elder X is coming back to the mission. He went home in the MTC, but he’s gonna be here in December.

We have another baptism coming up this weekend, possibly two. Her name is Myra Hernandez. Its a long story, one I can’t really explain in writing, but its one of my best experiences. All I can say is that everything was prepared before us.

How’s the ward?

That’s about it.

Chow for now.


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