Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 44 in El Salvador cont.

October 18, 2010 cont.

So, I’ll finish my letter.

We also did a service project for one of the high schools in town. We went one weekend before transfers and this last weekend. After we finished up, the church dance group put on a show of dances for all the groups that helped in the service. Two other groups were invited to dance too. The church groups that performed the dance shows were classic Latino American dances. Next one of the dance groups from the school went---the largest group by far, and performed a mix of modern dance (rap, hiphop, and break)---which later the stake president absolutely freaked out, and apologized for having invited us to the service project. I thought all of them were well performed for their age and extremely creative. The two older groups were the best---one of the church groups, and the modern dance group, the rest of them looked a little nervous to be there. I got parts of each of the dances on video, so I’ll send it in one of the packages.

I have some kind of mark on my hand and wrist. It hasn’t left in three weeks. It looks like a mild rash, but it doesn’t hurt or itch. The nurse doesn’t know what it is. Elder Foote has it too. One of the families I’m teaching says it is cockroach bite. I have no idea. As for the features, as close as I can explain, it looks the same as skin after frostbite, but we know that’s not the case. It’s too light-colored, so my camera won’t pick it up to send it to ya.

I’ll see if my camera has batteries. If I can, I’ll try to send some.

Chow for now.


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