Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 70 in El Salvador

April 25, 2011


Changes are coming up this Wednesday, and the mission will be opening a couple new zones. In June we will have a new mission president, the name has been announced.

Things have changed in my area too.... lately we have found a bunch of new people.... we are working with one man named José Amadeos, who when we started off he was the last on our list who we thought would progress.... he was a drunk, he smoked, and also had problems with coffee...but as of a month he has quit drinking, as of 16 days he has quit smoking completely, and he no longer drinks coffee---he says that now in the mornings he only drinks cold water. He also has read many parts of the Book of Mormon, and says that he has already started Mosiah. If I stay in this area, we have a goal that he can be baptized on the seventh.

We are also teaching a young woman named Kenia.... she comes every Sunday now, but the problem is that, due to the people she lives with, we cannot teach her in her house.... so we started to teach her in the church, during the last hour.... last night she called us, told us this “thank you thank you thank you.... ever since I left the church I have been reading the book of Mormon, and I just have a good feeling about it...” she told us that she had read the whole introduction, the testimonies, and had started in Nephi.

The attitude of the ward has also been changing a bit...little by little, but now there are more members that are willing to work with us.

I’ve noticed something among the investigators.... we have one family that we just dropped...because they don’t act.... but they have seen blessings and miracles, and have been investigating the church for years off and on.... he says he feels a certain presence with the missionaries, he has had priesthood blessings and has been healed twice, he even told us that he met President Hinckley when he came to El Salvador.... but, he owns a lot, is a millionaire, and is always busy, and won’t set a time apart for the church, even though he always says he wants to go.....I’ve noticed that experiences don’t make a good investigator, or understanding, even though they are important elements, but what I’ve noticed that is more important in a good investigator is 1...that they make thoughtful decisions and 2...that they keep their word.

YES--I remember when the prophet came to Nauvoo...it was a sunny day, and we were seated pretty far away from President Hinckley...I don’t remember hearing much of what he said, or even being interested, but I remember that you gave us lunchables and told us to calm down. I remember we were all seated on your quilt (I believe the one that you made from the jeans), and that at the end of the ceremony, while we were going to the car, it was announced that a child had been lost...the child was with President Hinckley, and they were calling for the parents.... I remember thinking that that kid was lucky, he was under the wings of a prophet, that I wanted to be there (I’m not sure if I asked you or not if I could go meet him), but yes, I remember that day.

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