Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 68 in El Salvador

April 11, 2011


So, I have an interesting story about yesterday.... a couple of weeks ago, we decided to unplug the refrigerator to save on the electricity bill, and I guess there was stuff frozen into the side walls, and it all melted.... for a while we wondered what was making the house smell bad, so I opened up the fridge.... the only thing that is worse than this rancid smell is maybe the white fish in Dillingham.... I put all the stuff in a plastic bag, and then moved the refrigerator to the bathroom, where I squirted my shampoo on a broom, and began to scrub it out...I got it mostly clean, but I think we’ll have to buy bleach............Anyway, the bags were still left over, so I took them outside (along with a huge pile of bags that have been accumulating in the back yard from years of missionaries...they never take out the trash)......but, seeing the bags, one of our neighbors commented that the trash did not pass until Tuesday, so I drug it all inside again, to the back yard (back yards here are closed of by tall cement walls).....not knowing what to do with it all, and wanting to get rid of the smell, I decided “well, we should just start a fire, everyone does it here”.......(here you do not need a license to burn) I started a fire with the cardboard boxes and papers, and the tree we had pushed got going good so I threw the bags on, and all the bags of the previous missionaries....bad idea.....I saw the bags melt from the bottom to the top, and the contents spilled out, including about six cans of spray deodorant and a couple cans of OFF bug spray and one plastic jug of gasoline, and a couple bags of fruit that had fermented and expanded from the’re probably imagining the scene, I had every bucket in the house filled with water; I’m glad the neighbors didn’t come knocking on our door...but it went more trash, and now we actually have a back yard.

Bosques de la Paz was Mission Impossible 1, and here it’s like Mission Impossible 2, but we’re getting by ok.

A little bad camera broke.... I was handing it to my comp, and it was dropped in the hand off. ...I’m going to buy a screwdriver to see what I can do.

Holy week is coming up...its going to be like 42 degrees C...

I haven’t asked about my friends in a while, how’s everyone doing up there???

That’s all folks,


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