Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 57 in El Salvador

January 24, 2011


Changes aren’t until next Wednesday...and a couple things have happened between my companion and the president, so I might actually stay one more change here.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, my companion had to go to the special capacitations for the new missionaries (even though he has like ten months in the mission)...I enjoyed the two days. I was with Elder Coca, one of the district leaders, and a very good missionary. I felt my stress be lifted, I was super relieved. We worked, and we could do things together. Reminded me of when I had a good companion about four months ago. The next day, the assistants wanted to work with Elder Coca, and I got to go with Elder Evans. One of my old friends from other areas. Very good missionary, and we got to work in my was awesome. Found two families, and now they’re reading the Book of Mormon.

I had a cool experience the other day in the bus.... usually the buses are packed tighter than center stage at a high school prom...I mean they have to shove people in. You`re lucky if you get a seat, because most people stand.... I saw a lady sitting down, reading a book...noticed the book had references to the bible from Pablo and Tesalonecences, and she was really interested---actually very common here for them to be studying religious books. I debated whether or not to squeeze through the crowd to talk to her, but I pulled out a Book of Mormon, and pushed through.... seriously it was the shortest contact I’ve done in my life...I tapped her on the shoulder, and asked if she had read the book.... she looked at the cover, a little confused.... and all I said was “it’s another testament of Jesus Christ, and I know its true”---her eyes lit up, and she asked me how much it cost. I asked her if she would read it, and she said yes, so I gave it to her. She was excited, and we had to get off the bus. I’ve never had someone accept it without an explanation. Cool cool!

Thursday was the conference with Elder Jay E. Jensen. Sister Perez separated me and my companion, and made him sit up in the front row with the sister missionaries (he was the only elder on the front row of he ENTIRE mission, and with a purpose.) (I should mention that the mission is now down to 173 missionaries, meaning about thirty have gone home or to other missions)...we got to shake Elder Jensen’s hand, and he looked at us in the eyes....

Cristian is preparing to get baptized this weekend. He’s an older investigator that went to work for his grandparents for Christmas, and just got back. He’d forgotten a couple things, so I coordinated with the Sunday school teachers to cover the topics of the restoration, along with their lessons. It worked out really well. We have little time to teach him...a youth of thirteen years of age. He came to church every Sunday in November, and part of December.

We have reactivated about five families----New Years helped us a lot.

Oh...I bought a really nice’s a softer material. At first it was really expensive, but we talked the price down from 48 to 25 dollars.... it’s huge. I’m hoping all the stuff will stuff in my suitcases.

Last night I had a nightmare--ha-ha--we were tracting, me and my companion, and he was dragging his hands on the wall whining that he didn’t want to work, and I was trying to motivate him...then I woke up even more excited to motivate my comp...

I’ve been really tired lately. I’m a little stressed I think.

So, question for the missionaries up there----how many missionaries are there in the mission?

Sounds like things are going good up there. Has the snow melted yet?

Well, that’s abut it folks. I’m doing good.


Elder Day

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