Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 58 in El Salvador

January 31, 2011


This week has been a lot better. I’m still really tired but a couple things are picking up.

Christian was baptized this weekend. We’re now working on his family. The baptism was directed by the young men, and talks were given by the young men. We’ve changed a lot about the baptismal meetings and how they work.... The beginning of the week was pretty funny...we had a bit of an awkward lesson teaching law of chastity with him, ‘cause he’s only has 13 years. At the start of the lesson, we told him that we were going to teach a little on what is chastity.... so he looked through the pamphlet a little, and to start off I asked him “have you ever heard of the word ‘chastity’?---and he responded confidently---“yeah, it means you can’t kiss a girl by force, you need to do it smoothly”---it was funny coming from a thirteen year old----so we got over the points of teaching about fornication and adultery, and we moved onto the points about keeping our thoughts clean---so we asked him if he knew what pornography was---he just looked at me, with a very awkward look and asked me “do you know what it is?”....anyway, we got through the lesson ok, he took it well, the first awkward lesson in my mission… Speaking of the subject, when we were teaching Katherin the same topic it was also pretty awkward, not on her part, but on the part of my companion.....he had never taught a girl about the law of chastity....he was very nervous, and during the lesson he just turned to me and told me, “Look, your gonna have to teach the lesson on your own”...he did well though.

So, I heard that Elder Fallebela is coming to visit the mission in February. We’ve been getting a lot of visits lately.

As for my hammock, I’m bringing it in my luggage, it’s too big to send home, but I got it to fold well.

As for responding to letters, I’m gonna have to search my bags over again. I’ve lost the addresses to everyone. I think it happened when we cleaned the house right before Elder Alvarado left, but I’ll dig through my stuff again...

That’s sweet that Louis has got a new sled. All we lack is to buy one of those black ramps they use in the swlednecks videos.

Changes are Wednesday. I’ll see how that goes.. The president of the elder’s quorum says I’m staying, and the zone leaders say I’m going, but no one has gotten a call yet....

Well that’s it for now folks,


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