Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week 28 in El Salvador


Hey, that’s sweet that Karl got his mission call to Guatemala, and that Jordan has turned in his papers. Tell me when Jordan gets his call.

Haha, finally, you are going to take down that little painting of mine on the garage doors.

Hey, so did Matt go fishing with Ed again? They can’t do this without me. What’s going on? Who’s gonna be on the lead line diving in for the whoppers? Are they sending pics?

Ok, so for your question. Don’t worry about the birthday present. I think I’m gonna buy a backpack down here. My second backpack has kinda rotted through. I took it to Sister Diaz, who does sewing projects for a living. The first time I took it to her she fixed it right up. Since then every pocket and zipper has fallen through, and there are ripped strips of material hanging off from the zippers. When we were at church, I told her I might bring it over to get repaired, and she said, “sure, bring it to me, so that I can throw it away for you.” I think she’s right, its about time.

I’m surprised that you haven’t found out about the country recently. Surprised it hasn’t made international news, but that’s probably best. We’ve had trouble finding new people to share the message with. More and more people are trusting others less. More people are being overprotective, and we’ve had to teach our lessons through the windows, because people won’t open their doors to strangers now. I really have no clue what’s going on, but from what the people are saying, it’s a lot bigger than the recent bus massacres and riots. It’s been a bit tough on us though, because there are less people to teach.

About the money issue, I did talk to the ZL´s, and the office. They aren’t going to do anything about it, so I’ll just hold on. It’s a problem for everyone though, and a lot of the missionaries end up fighting over it. At the multi-zone I saw two of them arguing, in front of the presidents wife, one was yelling “you just need to learn this principle!” It’s a mess.

So, I finally took my camera to a member’s house, and they were able to search through the folders in my memory, and we found your pictures. Thanks for sending them. The cartwheels are great. I’m especially impressed with the video of Dad and Kendra sitting on the couch....thank you for your many words, it was touching.

Hey, I’m gonna send this before the power goes out.

Chow for now,


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