Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week 29 in El Salvador


Changes were today. I’m still in the same area, with the same companion. My district has changed a little, but I think it will work out a little easier to work in both areas. My last district was nice, but the other missionaries were a long ways away. I don’t know if you know the parents of Elder X. He’s sick, and had to call them the other day, but couldn’t from his phone, so the district leader told me to get a hold of them. He’s got stomach problems, and was in danger of leaving for his stomach, but I think he’s good now. Since your already talking to the whole world of moms up there, if you want to get a hold of them, their names are ....

Hey, so if you got this month’s addition of the Ensign, there is a picture of the stake of Ilopango at the temple in Guatemala. Anyways in the upper left corner, there is the mom and dad of the Sorianoz family...she is the only one in the picture with her hand on the shoulder of her husband...they used to help us with the laundry, and we are good friends. He works in shipment boats on the coast...anyway, that’s my stake.

President Clark came to the mission. He’s from the second quorum of the seventy. He’s changed a lot of stuff, and the mission is in a confused process of changing---I think---but things are weird right now.

The ward is bugging me right now. Between the members there is a lot of enmity. Almost everyone gossips about everyone else--even between relatives. It’s hard to set up times to work with them, because some of the families refuse to work with other members, and other families refuse to work with investigators, and the ones that can help us don’t have time.

Happy Fourth of July! ---It feels kinda weird to celebrate here right now, but I was thinking of busting out an American flag for their 5th of September.

So, I got money this month, so all is well.

Well, I’m doing well... how is Dad doing? So are Megan and Gideon staying at the house now? Tell Gideon that I’m pretty sure the frame is tweaked a little. How is Louis doing? Has Ian sent in his papers yet? --Tell him he needs send his preference in for El Salvador, we need him down here.

Hey, thanks again.


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