Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 26 in El Salvador

June 7, 2010


This week was kind of interesting. We had meetings every day this week, so we left late or had to go home early nearly every day, and didn’t get much done.

After the storm, the sun came out again. Now, it’s as hot as San Vicente, except the humidity is worse because of the rain. I’m sweating a ton, probably around 95 F, but I’ll try to give you an idea of the humidity also.... I had a box of new envelopes to send people, but now all the glue is sealed, and I can’t use them. They are all sealed shut, my whole box. The magazines I own have started wrinkling, and there is less dust in the streets now.

We met a lot of crazy people this week...a man who the neighbors know to be a gang leader (when we asked him what his job was, he just said “I work in the streets”---he spends most his time drinking, and just chilin’, but every once in a while he has to leave.). All the neighbors were worried when we first went to visit, so we’ve quit going.

A woman that is 73 years old, introduced us to her mom.... her mom should act as one of the voices for Ice Age three...with the dinosaurs.

We met another old woman, also probably in her hundreds, but completely crazy. My companion asked her how old she was, and she looked in the air for a while confused, and then said fifteen.

We met a four-year-old girl, she was running around the house in her underwear. Her grandma was real upset, because outside her underwear, she was wearing her mom’s thong.... then later we met her mom. I’ll just say, some people like living the crazy life...that’s as much description as I’ll give on that one.

We did meet two semi-normal people, but when we asked where they lived, they just said around the corner....I don’t have pictures now, ‘cause it’s a more dangerous area, but around the corner is like a grand canyon.

We are actually really close with an old man named Guillermo Roberto Masferrer. When he was younger her was a mariner. He’s the only Salvadorian I know with celestial blue eyes. His boat got in a wreck (we don’t have the full story, because he got a bad concussion), but he was the only survivor in the entire boat. He’s gone to England, Canada, Valdez Alaska, New York, and he knows English. He’s mostly normal, but every once in a while, he doesn’t make sense still. As soon as he quit drinking coffee, he started making a little more sense.

But yah, just letting you know there is nobody normal in my area. I get a laugh.

We played hockey today for P-day. Everyone brought their brooms from their houses. It was fun. I got a little excited, broke my stick, then they gave me the broom with the iron stick.

I’m surprised that letter made it to Rachel. I sent it like last week. Tell her Happy Birthday.

Hey so what’s the plan? Are we going to come back with Elder Dennis and his family? Is it okay with them? Did you talk to Hunter’s mom?

Hey... chow for now.


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