Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 27 in El Salvador


I don’t have much to write this week. It’s been a bit difficult, lots of work, the people have crazy problems, so we have to come up with crazy solutions to help them.

I went to the center of San Salvador for my second time. It was a bit strange, because my first time was my first day here. I remember it being so weird, but now it just looks completely normal. I feel like I’m part of these people, like I’ve lived here my whole life, I just remember that I haven’t when I get on the busses, and everyone still looks at me like I am ET. I have fun with it though; I am ET. Who has ever heard of Alaska.... yeah that’s right, where I’m from, I can cook marshmallows on the northern lights.

Haha, as for the money issue, that hit a lot of us. I ran out about my first week of this change, and have been paying all the bills with your money. My last companion didn’t pay his half, and my new companion is blaming it on my old companion, so he refuses to pay also. It’s all messed up, but I’m being patient.

Hey send me photos of the polkadot house. I’m sending photos right now. The first one is the statue of Salvador del Mundo, which marks the center of the city.

You might get a laugh out of the second one---I’ll give it a title this time---´´ this is my I´m-cooking-chocloate-pancakes-out-of-salvidorianian-cake-mix / scorging-both-my-hands-on-a-stove-that-only-has-a-high-setting-Face´´...ok, maybe I’ll work on the title. Thanks for the cake mix.

Ok. I don’t have much time to write. I got here late, because we had to pay bills. I hope everything is chill.

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