Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 25 in El Salvador

May 31, 2010


The weather is fine today, but the last week it was raining a little, and we got some ash this morning. The last week the sewers overflowed, until it actually started spraying out clean water, and church was cut short because of the storm. This week is looking pretty clean though, and the skies are actually blue for now.

The new companion is good. His attitude reminds me of elder Noesí in Alaska. The only thing I need to work on is planning more ahead, because he likes to take his time, like 45 minutes extra on everything. So we are always late, but work has actually improved.

My area is one of the more difficult ones, because it relatively small, and has two huge Catholic churches, one in the center, and one in the entrance, and also a Catholic college in the other entrance. Most of the people we teach are super adamant about their church, and they tend to contradict themselves, so we are almost always looking for new people to teach.

This last Sunday, we actually got two investigators to church. It’s kind of sad for Central America, but at the same time, no investigators from my area have gone to church during three changes of different missionaries, so I’m glad we are improving. Back in Zacate, we were always bringing like 15 people to the church, every weekend, but here the people are different, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I figure to get unique results, I have to work in unique ways.

We are seeing improvement in many families. I’ve dropped almost all the families that my old companion liked, because we weren’t getting anywhere. I’m hoping that we’ll see a change. My new companion is good with people, and we are working more as a team than my other comp. So we are hoping that things will improve.

Yeah. I’ve heard also that a coke a day will keep the parasites away, but our president forbids it, and says it is against the word of wisdom. He made a big deal about it, because some of the members were giving coke to missionaries to drink, so he came to the stake center, and yelled at all the members and called them hypocrites. It didn’t really work though, because afterwards the members were joking about the fit he threw. It’s weird though, because the members also recommend it for parasites, and I’ve heard that it works well. Anyways...I don’t think I should be drinking coke, even to get rid of parasites, because he forbids it.

So why are Katie and Alyssa not best buds? What’s up with the death glare?

Yeah I got the Xd card, but the memory was empty, so I thought you were sending a disk.

Hey so I saw a picture of Elder Dennis...he’s training. I never got to tell you, but back in Zacatecoluca, me and him were talking. Two weeks after his mission, he has plans to come back, and take advantage of his airline tickets, and he’s coming back two weeks later with his family, and we were thinking about doing it together, with both our families. You should talk to Kisha Dennis about it. I think it’s a good idea.

This week went fast, that’s it for now.


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