Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 24 in El Salvador


Ok, so I’ll try to explain to you, now that it has passed, and you have nothing to worry about. I was referring to my companion, and my health, but I have recovered, and there have been changes, so both trials are fought through, and I am doing well. .... Firstly, what I was referring to in my companion. He didn’t want to work, or walk, or talk. The whole change mostly passed in silence, and though I would talk to him, he would only respond back and quit the conversation. He didn’t talk to me, the members or the people who were looking into the church, and for most of the time, I was doing double thinking. I was working with him more and more, but a lot of his progression is also his choice. Anyways, the week I wrote you, I was a bit behind and tired. So the other, referring to my health (do not call the nurse, I already have, and have taken care of it) (mom-do not put it on your to-do list either)...I caught the parasites again. One of the same bugs as last time, and another. The only thing this time, is the report said abundant bacterias, so of course all Tuesday I was vomiting, and Wednesday we went back to work, but I didn’t eat anything (except water and Gatorade and one yogurt a day), until Saturday at lunch. I have completed my medications for this, and am feeling much better. In one week I will go in for another exam to make sure that I have killed everything. Other time ---please don’t call in, I am doing well, all is taken care of. But yes--in short that is why I commented “test of patience,” and honestly I have learned a ton this change, and I wish I would have known some of this stuff in my other area, but I guess that’s how the mission goes. This time I was being super careful about what I ate and drank, but I guess my cook wasn’t washing the vegetables in agua con cloro. Really I don’t know what got me.

Yeah, you told me that Katie needs glasses. That’s crazy. Hey--I got your package, and by far it is my best package yet, so I’m stoked. The maple stuff broke, but the rest of it came through. Thanks for the tool, now I can fix my toilet. Before I had to haul water from the shower to dump to the toilet (because it didn’t flush), and my companion didn’t want me touching his bathroom, but it was cool. Maybe I will get to that this night.

Hey, one warning---I spent all my money for the month on medications (the nurse wanted me to take stronger stuff, that the FBI [FDA?] recently came out with), but I’m just telling you I might draw money out to pay the water bill and for some food.

I got a new companion, from Guatemala. Elder Perez. He is awesome, and tonight I will see how he works. But I am far more impressed than my last comp, and we get along well. He seems to understand that every person is different, and we need to help in different ways, so I believe it will go well. My last companion was great too, he just seemed more robotic, and less human, and im not ever sure what he thought of me or the people.

Well--I’m gonna say chow for now


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