Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 23 in El Salvador


Hey, I got your package with the memory card, and the photos. I love the picture of Katie and Alyssa in the hammock. And I showed a couple families the pictures too. The photo of Kendra in the construction shirt got a consistent comment though--Who is HE?--.

I also got the drawings I did as a little kid, and what I wrote. That is hilarious, sorry for being a brat. It’s funny, because I went back and traced the lines of what I drew, and I actually remember drawing them, and what was going through my mind. I also remember the influences for the drawings, and the reasons why I didn’t draw certain stuff like the hands. I remember we had a basement in one of our houses when I was little, and there was a little table that I would sit and draw at. It’s weird how that works.

I got the pictures of the four-wheeler trip too. Tell dad he should consider buying an artic-cat rhino, just for the annual trip.

That’s sweet about Jared. I hope he does well.

Graduation sounds cool. But remember that the best class is 2009. It’s is hard to top our class ha-ha. That’s crazy that everyone is done. That went really fast. But I’m glad a few people are still staying in Fairbanks.

I finally got Kendra’s letters, and talking on the phone has thrown me your perspectives, so I’ve been trying to get more and more organized with my time, to get time to write, but I plan to do better at writing. I also found something for the package for you that’s pretty sweet.

So what’s up with LHS soccer? Is it just West Valley, or are they not doing good this year?

So, Jorge (William Díaz) told me he was chatting it up with Kendra over face book. He says Kendra was asking all these questions to make sure I was the right Elder Day.

As for me, my patience is being tested again, but this time I can speak Spanish, so it’s easier. Changes are coming up next week.

So the area is called Bosques de la Paz. It is literally right next to the Salvadorian Air force base in Ilopango. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the only Air force in El Salvador. My street is number 18, and its on the further side of the Air force base. There is also a school really close called Colegio de Joseph, and you might be able to find that.


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