Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 22 in El Salvador

May 10, 2010


It was good talking to everyone last night. I felt bad for cutting Kendra and Louis off at the end, but sorry I have a time limit. It sounds like everyone is doing good, and Alyssa sounds all working-on-growing-up. I’m hoping to try to do better writing people hand written letters, but I just don’t get a lot of time.

Yeah, the pictures came through, without any problem. Keep me updated on what everyone is going to do after high school. If the yearbook is good this year, maybe you could lend me it, and I can send it back.

So, yah, the huge group of missionaries that were sent home was mostly from sickness. We kind of end of making fun of our situation here, saying stuff like –“hey, I had a normal week” and other stuff. Elder Cavan had some parasites the other week, but he went through them well.

While I was talking to you, don’t get the idea that my mission president is a bad one. He is a great person, and helps us out quite frequently, and he wants us to be happy. I think his plate is just a little full now, and there are bigger problems now.

As for the letters and calling in, I don’t really get in trouble, but they are just kind of whiney. My health right now is better than most others, and I’m doing well.

I will try to look for something for Jared, since he was asking. The machete I bought, we used for helping a lady with her garden, so I’ll send him something else. Switchblades are illegal in the US right? I’m assuming he wants a murder weapon.

Alright, I’ll try to send those pictures I was telling about, sorry I couldn’t talk for longer, but you know how it runs in the mission. I’m glad to hear what people have been doing. So did Teagan get her scholarship?

I’ll try to send those pictures now.

Hey. Happy mothers day.


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