Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 16 in El Salvador


Yah, you’re right, I wasn’t very proud of the house, but it was what they wanted. The funny thing is that the Dad of this family works construction, and he was the overseer of this project. I took a second look at the measurements and everything is crooked. I was just there helping them dig and nail stuff, but yah, most all the houses look like that, unless they are the upper class folks.

Elder Dennis is doing fine. He just didn’t get to email last week, because they were updating accounts, and he ran out of time. That day, we had our P-day in Ilobasco, a city a little north of the capital. Elder Dennis was feeling good, and we were bored of the little zoo that we went to as a zone, so me and Elder Dennis went off on our own. We decided to hitchhike all the way back from Ilobasco to Zacatecoluca, and we made it. We got 6 different rides, and had to pass through 5 cities, we stopped at a telepizza for lunch (ask Kendra if she remembers telepizza from Spain---anyways it’s better here)---in the end, it only took us two hours to get back to Zacate, which is faster than a bus ride.

My companion’s back is fine too, but one night when we decided to sleep on the roof, it got cold, for here, and my companion’s asthma acted up again.

Ok, so if you want to know more about the gangs, there is a documentary I am going to buy when I get back, but you should see it. It’s called La Vida Loca, and there are films 1,2,and 3. It might be in Spanish, but I’m not sure yet.

We are really close to this family that we helped build the house. We go over there almost everyday. Either to talk, help build the house, or play soccer with the family. The mom is saying that nobody has every done this much for them before.

We went to a museum and zoo the other week for p-day, and the museum had all this stuff from the United States, along with swords (probably the same ones they sell in the Comic Shop)--all the artifacts in this museum had the most absurd explanations---the sword section and labels for all the famous people that used them through out history, but then on the blade of the sword was “made in china”---they also had artifacts they claimed were ancient, from Peru---but the artifacts were look-alikes with “Peru” in golden letters. I guess it’s anything to get money here.


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