Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 14 in El Salvador

I’m doing a little better this week. The sickness left for most of the days, except yesterday. It kind of goes through cycles. I have the names of my new friends that held a party in my stomach the other week---entamoeba histolytica---entomoeba coli---and Endolimax nana. [Herb says the first causes bloody diarrhea, the second is another amoeba, the last is a type of tapeworm--1/2 inch to 1 inch long.] After the medicine I felt better for the most part,---But have you ever seen the movie Alien? Or Alien vs. Predator?---that’s the best way to describe what it felt like after taking the medicine.---just like nails in my stomach. The report also said that I was positive for eggs, and mucus. The medicine I took should have destroyed it. I went in for a second exam on Thursday. By the way, I love pooping in a Gerber baby bottle. The second report came back negative. I still have occasional stomach aches. I heard that the medicine I took is a little hard on my body too.

On Tuesday I went and started knocking doors in a poorer part of town, the outskirts of Anavea 2. I was knocking doors, looking for a reference, and I knocked on this one door. The door was a fiberglass sheet about ten feet high, and walls on both sides made of old wood, and other stuff to patch up the holes. So I knock on the door, and the first thing I see is my companion back off behind me, put his hands to the side, and just looking really nervous. I looked up at the door to see what he was looking at---a very built man, shirtless, bald, tattoos down his head and his back (here it is a real hassle to get tattoos, so it is just the gangs usually)---anyway, the guy had an expression, a mix between nervous and pissed off, and he had a 9mm handgun in his hand hanging over the wall. My companion just froze, so I turned up to look at him again and said, “hey man, we were just gonna invite ya to church.” We left. He put the gun back on the other side of the wall, and watched us walk away.

On Wednesday, I went on splits with an adult (without knowing who he was at first); his name is Javier Monistel, from Costa Rica. When splits ended, another adult talked to me. He asked “hey, you were just training the future mission president of Nicaragua. How do you feel?”

I went on divisions with Elder Dennis, for a two-day division. We rocked it, and later slept on his roof. I’ve been on divisions almost every day this week.

That’s good that you got the package. I want you to do one thing with the memory card though---make two copies of the memory, afterward I want pictures of friends and family, videos, whatever...let people use the camera for a couple weeks, passing it around. I want to see how everyone is doing.

So the word paranguitirimicaro is like a tongue twister. Its like saying super-kala-fragilistic-expiali-dotious in English, but it is just a word from a larger rhyme (the one my companion busted out in the video).


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