Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 12 in El Salvador



Ha-ha I’ve been sick this week, to the point that I don’t remember what went on. I’m still working though, but my sicknesses have grown worse. Tuesday and Wednesday I had terrible stomach pains. I’ve had migraines every day this week, to the point that sometimes it is difficult to see. It’s left me weak, and dizzy. I’ve also developed another full body rash, its more splotchy than the one before, very red, and itchy. People are thinking I have anemia because of how weak I am, so they’ve fed me like 4 to 5 meals a day. Sister Perez said I probably have parasites, so I go in for an exam today. I think it is simpler than what people think it is though. The rash for all I know could be prickly-heat, along with mild heat exhaustion. I probably do have parasites though.

Changes were today. I’m still with my same companion. The people at church were thrilled when they heard that we weren’t leaving. I’ve become the best friend to everyone under age 6 in the church. I tend to talk to the niños more than the adults--life is more simple.

Mom--ha-ha guess what, you are gonna laugh---I’ve given in--I am becoming organized now.

As for your other comment---I have been drawing every day. Even my daily planner is littered with sketches, and thumbnails for future paintings. My journal is becoming more sketches, less writing. I’m using OFF bug spray to do temporary graffiti inside and outside the house. I still can’t stop.

I don’t remember if I told you this last week, but areas have been closed off to us because of increasing danger. Just last night, a lady was begging us to walk her to her house, because it was past dark, and she was alone.

To your questions---we sleep in hammocks depending on the heat. Yes they are cooler, so I tend to sleep in mine every day. Our fan broke the other day, so I’m sweating my huevos off, and getting more bug bites. I’m tired of the little drive-by-shooting-mosquitoes, I still can’t squish them.

Your other question--No. the houses are not safe. With Elder Gomez, I have broken into our house 5 different times using different methods, and two different times at the house in San Juan. My keys disappeared on the bus, but it still makes no difference. My companion has another pair, but we could do without if it were necessary. The easiest method is taking apart the window, one pane at a time and pulling the latch with a stick, or mop handle. People usually don’t bother us though, so I’m not worried.

So the photo--this is little margarita. She is the daughter of a family we are visiting. I wanted to show you what I was telling you about at new years---they paint their baby chickens Easter colors. I think its the coolest thing, especially when their are a bunch of them, and all different colors. My favorites are the green and pink ones, but they do bright yellow, and blue also.

Your other question---no it is not a mission raccoon. A couple families we know have different pet raccoons. The one on the back of Elder Peña is a rather small one.

My companion turned 22 this week. I have videos of our cake fights at multiple houses. At one house, we got everyone involved, the whole family. The littlest kid couldn’t reach the cake in the center of the table, so he just took what was in his mouth, made a ball, and nailed his sister in the face. I got that on video too, and I’ll send the memory card when you return the other one (in the package I’m sending today). All is well, life I good.


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