Friday, August 26, 2011

Week 87 in El Salvador

August 22, 2011


This week was pretty cool...I’ll tell you about the weekend....

Friday 19-Agosto-11

We had a meeting with the general authorities, a conference.

From the Quorum of the Seventy, there was Elder Falabela, Elder Martino, Elder Amado, and Elder Walker.

From the Quorum of the Twelve, there was Elder D. Todd Christoferson.

From the first presidency, there was Elder Henry B. Eyering.

Both missions were there, and before it all started I got to talk to a couple missionaries from the other mission (Santa Ana/Belize)---Anyway, there are huge rumors about our mission---about how bad the missionaries were, and the president.... they even have jokes about it. “¿ how many missionaries in the other mission does it take to pass an interview?”---I guess there is huge gossip----they even knew about the band of Gadianton (I haven’t told you about that yet), and how it was destroyed---so I guess it’s big news.

I learned a ton in the conference, and am going to have to change a couple of things about how I plan and how I teach...hopefully I’ll master it soon. Seeing President Eyering was like in 3-D----like the time I saw Jeffery R. Holland.... they look so close when they speak. ----I have my notes in the house, so I’ll tell you what they said when I get back.

Saturday 20-Agosto-11

The cultural event for the dedication for the temple. We went to Usulután to see it on the satellite screen. Very cool.... all the youth from the nations stakes performed it.

Sunday 21-agosto-11

The dedication for the temple----

We went to Usulután to see it on the screen, and Salt Lake forgot to send the signal, and forgot to pay for the satellite uplink----someone is in trouble------so we missed the sealing of the corner stone. We sat for two hours in silence...a couple people went home after that.

By the second session, all the other stakes and districts had a signal, except for Usulután.... another two hours in silence, most of us ended up sleeping...another group of people went home after that....

In between the second and third sessions, the leaders said they could do nothing about it, because it wasn’t in their authority to authorize that we go to other buildings, and then we as missionaries talked them out of it, and with the help of Brother Torres from Usulután, organized, and we were able to rent a bus for $80----we all dug our money out of our pockets, and so a bus came, and it took a shortcut on a dirt road, and we were able to arrive at Jucuapa 10 minutes before the third session (it’s pretty much a miracle considering the distance, and how fast we got organized and arrived----between 1:30 pm and 2:50 pm)

So, the third session was amazing---

President Eyering went out of his normal script, and didn’t use the teleprompter----he said that while the last speaker was speaking he felt inspired to say something different, very inspiring

Yup, so that’s about it for the most important historical days this country has ever known, not to mention its a huge contrast where I’m at right now.... the fiestas of Jiquilisco right now----botanists, dancers, clowns on stilts, music, and fireworks.

Well, chow for now,


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