Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 85 in El Salvador

August 8, 2011


This week has gone well. My birthday too. Everything is going good with my companion, and actually a little better. Our success is still slow, and we’ve met crazy people. It’s nuts what some people believe here...I’ll tell you a couple stories, but my companion is a bit fried from meeting crazy people. About half the people you meet in the villages here will glad fully listen, and nod at everything and say “asi es” (or “that’s right”)--and then you ask them what they understood, and it will be some strange doctrine, or they don’t know, or they’ll ask to hear it again.... anyway, my companion has a way of expressing himself--after a couple days of he said “I just wish I could peal the husk that is covering up these people’s brains, so that some little microbe of intelligence could understand something.”---He is a bit frustrated at our success, but I thought it was funny what he said.

I don’t think people in the states really paid attention a while back in May, but supposedly a pastor in California predicted that the world was going to end on the 21st of May 2011. All the protestant churches and evangelical churches went crazy here when it happened, their churches filled, and it came up as a topic of discussion in almost every lesson of April and May, they also held vigils overnight for weeks.... and when it all passed, everyone was accusing him, but the people were still going to the churches where he had influence...anyway, we contacted a woman that still goes to his church, she said that after the 21st of May many people were accusing this pastor and he changed his story “when I said end of the world I meant the end of generations”---so, he used the scripture in Romans that said that the women and men changed their natural use for something unnatural---even though it is absurdly out of context----and he commanded his followers to no longer marry men and women, but that all the men could be gay, and all the women could be lesbians, and doing such would bring an end to generations or “end of the world”---and people are still following, it is absolutely insane to me

We had a couple more people to church, but still nobody that’s going to get baptized.

I think I’ll have to send photos next week, because this computer is absolutely crazy.... I had a small birthday party. The same day I finished Jesus the Christ, and the same day my parasites were destroyed, so I’m on a diet to gain weight. We didn’t have 21 candles to put on the cake, so I decided we should do it in roman numerals--placing the candles in XXI position.

I forgot to ask something...when I get back I will need scriptures in English. I don’t know how hard it is to get them up there.... please...I don’t want a quadruple...I want the triple and the bible separate.... I don’t care what color, I don’t care if its indexed or not.... just as long as they are unmarked.

I picked up your traditional bags.... hope you like brighter colors than grey and white.... they are a little smaller than mine, but they should be better for you.

Well, everything sounds good....

Chow for now

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