Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 84 in El Salvador

August 1, 2011


The photos are great. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Glacier Park, but save the photos for me, so I can look at them closer. The kids all look so different. Rachel looks about a foot taller, and looks a lot like you. Katie and Alyssa are looking taller, and look like Kathryn. Jared looks like he’s doing well, still a funny kid. But I’m having trouble with a couple of the pictures telling who they are, is the girl holding the dog Katie?

This week passed well. We’ve got investigators, but not the right kind, if that makes sense. We actually had eleven investigators to church.... but most of them have huge difficulties right now: a family that needs to get divorced from their previous spouses and then married; a 17 year old single with a baby that is living with a member’s son and doesn’t have permission to get baptized; a niece of a member with her anti-Mormon mother-in-law; and a couple of new people...so it’s going good, but we’ll need a miracle. We actually got the divorcement papers in for this one family, so they can get divorced and married to their spouses, but its like a three month process normally.

On Tuesday we went to visit this family, where the uncle-in-law is a member and the niece is an investigator.... it just so happens that her father is a fisherman.... we went to teach a lesson, and he had come back from fishing, so they invited a ton of people, the member, Alex, invited all the single adults, and then we showed up, so they invited us...it was my first seafood dinner in a long time.... Red spiner, crabs, shrimp, sea cockroach (kind of like lobster)....

Funny story---while visiting a member’s house, one of their little girls was drawing, and asked me to draw for her...Mickey mouse.... she pulled out a Valentine’s bag with Mickey and Minnie, and told me to draw Mickey in her notebook, so I did, then we were about to start the lesson, so I handed it back.... I only drew Mickey.... Anyway, the girl, maybe four years old looks at it, and hands it back “draw the girlfriend too.” ....and we were going to teach, so I tried to come up with some excuse not to draw it, so I said “Mickey is a missionary right now and can’t have girlfriends”....anyway, I think I was a bit too sarcastic for the four-year-old, because she started crying, and the lesson was delayed. Terrible experience.

Henry B Eyering will be coming to dedicate the temple, he will also be holding a special conference with the missionaries while he’s here. The dedication is on the 21st. Our meeting with him will be the 19th.

Well that’s it for now, I’ll try to send photos.


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