Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 86 in El Salvador

That’s crazy that the preacher had that big of an influence. I would think that people in the states would be educated enough to see the fraud. Yes, they have changed the date down here too.

So, I started reading the bible from front to back this week. I’m finishing up Genesis, and marking my new Spanish set.

This week we had a multi-zone. The new president is really good, and his wife is really sweet.

So just a laugh----we were teaching some members that were preparing to go to the temple dedication, and one of the sisters said, “I wish President Eyering could just tell me what I needed to do with my life”-----anyway, the topic got changed to patriarchal blessings, and she was super confused from something Elder B had taught them about patriarchal blessings----the two sisters said that Elder B explained to them that to get a patriarchal blessing you needed to be endowed, and afterwards the patriarch would read the lines in the palms of their hands to tell the future of the person----ha-ha, anyway, we taught them about how the blessings really worked, and they seemed really relieved.

The temple dedication is this week.

We have not had much success yet, but are seeing small fruits of our work...maybe in three weeks we could baptize a family. I’m hoping for it. My companion is getting frustrated.

One question---Louis’s birthday is coming up----can I bring Machetes in a suitcase on the plane, or will they have me dig them out???

Other news---I stepped on a scale this week 140 lbs---I’ve lost about 35 lbs since Zacatecoluca. Don’t really know what’s up.

Well, that’s it chow for now


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