Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 59 in El Salvador

February 7, 2011


I got changes. I’m in San Miguel, one of the hottest parts of El Salvador, and I am here for one of the hottest parts of the year. ----My baptism by fire----My area is called Roosevelt, and it’s pretty much everything south and south west of the area is huge, and runs all the way to the beach (like and hour or so in bus). I get about a quarter of the city also, so I get rural and city parts, and we live right on the edge. We live on the edge of a huge wheat field, and my compo says that occasionally, they burn all the leftovers, and you hear the monkeys and other animals screaming to get away from the fire.

I’m getting use to the heat, but I’m getting tan quick. The last gringo to leave this area talked to me, and he was tan enough that I was surprised when he spoke to me in English. We do have fans in the house, so that’s good.... either way, I told my companion not to think I’m strange if I end up sleeping with my head in the refrigerator.

So, for your facebook request. Julia Lizama was my cocinara in Soyapango, one of the biggest supports I’ve met inside the mission (who you sent the spices and condiments)...she wanted to contact you to thank you...and to keep in touch. She does not know English, but I told her that if she tried to contact you, that Kendra could translate.

My new comp is Elder Matamoros, from Honduras. The first couple days he was really sick. His stomach was bloated Santa-Clause-style, but it was because he had elevated yeast and bacteria levels.... we stayed in the house the first couple days. I’m hoping he will be better.

Elder Cavan saw me during the transfers...I think he went to Usulután. The first things he said were, hey I’ve got a present for you. He pulled out paints and a watercolor sketchbook. He said he tried to do a picture, but didn’t like how it turned out (I thought it was pretty good), then his companion said he knew how to paint, so Elder Cavan gave him the paints, which he ended up painting stuff preschool style, so Elder Cavan freaked out, and took them away.... he just told me, I just want you to have them.... So tell Sister Cavan thanks. ...Speaking of Elder Cavan, I saw him with a violin. I was like “sweet, man, play a tune.” and he said “no, I bought it here, and I’m learning in my free time”----I have confidence he can learn, but you know how it goes with everyone that’s learning the violin the first time. It’s the best instrument when it is played well, but while someone is starting to learn it makes a sound------ what do you call those dragons in Lord of the Rings.... the ones that scream and break your eardrums? I’m praying or his offense to him or anything.... go for it Elder Cavan!

We had stake conference this weekend.... first of all I have to say that the choir pretty much rocked the world...the stake choir filled up half of the chapel, and the investigators filled up the rest...the members filled up all the overflow area (I have never seen a larger overflow area.... like a football field). Before the conference, we saw a video of the Angel Moroni being placed at the peak of the temple of El Salvador. The dedication will be the 21st of August.

As for my camera, I’m gonna try to get copies onto discs to send. I’ve heard that these computers have viruses, so I’m not gonna send photos this week...sorry its been a while. I’m still taking photos.



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