Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 40 in El Salvador


I’m glad you got the letter, and that you seem to understand it. I wrote it at night after working a day, so I’m surprised it’s legible.

If I’m gonna have to wear a suit coat here, I’m probably going to buy a new one. I haven’t heard anything though, and I don’t know if the president would do it anyway. I’m pretty sure they moved me to the capital, because the orient was affecting my body too much, and I was always sick. ---Here is a lot different from Guatemala, but I’ll keep that stuff in mind.

---As for my companion, he is from Guatemala, so I think he’ll use the scarf there. Some of the days, people here actually wear sweaters and beanie-hats, but that’s only when its colder than 75 degrees.

That’s good about the scholarship, so I guess everything is set up. That’s weird that you are taking the same classes as Kendra.

Elder Johnson is in my district. The other day we did divisions, and I went with him. I’ve heard from a lot of return missionaries, and could see it.... the last weeks are exhausting. It’s weird to see him go now, since he was in my zone when I entered the mission. I guess his parents are coming to pick him up.

Me and my companion have been learning a lot together. He’s one of my first companions that take studying seriously. And we’ve busted out the huge institute manuals to study the scriptures.

The other day we learned something important. We had 11 people who said they would come to the church with us. We had planned divisions with the members to go and pick them up in the morning. I went with a member boy, and my companion stayed in the church with someone that was doing office work, so he could wait for the other member. I passed by all the planned houses, and all of them had fallen through---they were all already out of the house. The member for my companion never came, so he couldn’t go to the other end of our area, and we had nobody to church on Sunday. I had experienced this before in bosques, but my companion was really upset. He decided that we should go to a member’s house, and he started talking to my companion. He told the story of the scripture in D&C 18, that says “.... how great shall be your joy if yea shall bring one soul unto me...”----then he asked my companion, “who will you bring unto the father? “---And my companion was still upset, and began to think through his converts, and the member (Hno. Orsegueda), stopped him, and told him “No, you have the wrong idea”----then he pointed at my companion, and said, “first, you’re going to bring yourself. “---The spirit came in with his words. -----I know I can’t explain to you through writing how much I have changed, but I have realized that the successful missionaries are those that have become God’s progressing investigators, and all other things are secondary.

That’s about it for now, I’ll try to respond back to the other letters, and maybe send pictures.


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