Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 38 in El Salvador

September 6, 2010


I’m glad the photo of the chicken got to you guys--I forgot to send you the title----make it into one of those Mormon-ads (the posters with the inspirational thoughts)---and put “Plan of Salvation---What happens after death???.”----I hope that one is on my blog.

Hey, mom---I’m sending you a cool little activity for the kids in primary that I just learned. I’ll get it in the mail today.

This Friday, the president gave us a prize in our zone, and in the zone of Los Naranwos. Apparently our two zones were the only ones where every companionship baptized, so he gave us a prize, and we got to play soccer, and with him also. It was raining the whole time, so there was a lot of sliding around. Elder Dennis is in the other zone, and we were playing against him. Usually the fields are made of cement, but we played on a synthetic field, and I decided to play goalie again. First time in a long time playing on something close to grass. While I was in the net, they didn’t score. There are three missionaries from Costa Rica, who before the mission, had all played on a semi-professional team for their country. They’re amazing, and I’m learning a lot from them. I’m putting the picture of our two zones.

On Saturday, we did an activity with Elder Zuñiga and Elder Coy. We did what’s called Invasions. It’s where missionaries from the whole zone invade a single area for a couple hours to look for new people. We went to a poorer part of the colony, and were knocking doors and fences. It was funny, because even if the people don’t let us in, we always offer service. At the time, I was with two Latinos, so I’d get a bunch of weird comments. Its mostly normal, but it was funny how consistent it happened here----Door#2 “your eyes are so beautiful”----door #3 we offered help, and she looked at me “its just that I need to buy a new stove and oven, but if you could give me the money”---Door#5 “yah, help would be nice, because there aren’t any men in the house like you to help us out, and we need a man to live in the house.”-----and it went on like that forever. Usually comments like that only happen about once in every twenty houses, but it happened so often I this area, that by the end of invasions, my companions were making fun of me. ----I guess this is what Elder Noesi was talking about, when I got my call.

On Wednesday, me and my companion did a service project. There was a mudslide near the house of a member, and she wanted us to clear out all the mud. It started raining super hard, so the mud was heavy, and sometimes the wheelbarrow didn’t move. We cleared about half of it, but it started raining more, and we got exhausted. We had to take the mud over to the edge of a 300-foot cliff to drop it off. In the picture, you don’t see it very well, but its got a nice view.

As for your comment----I don’t think its such a good idea to pick me up from El Salvador. Ever since the bus burnings happened, it’s been crazy down here. It’s not as safe as it was. I don’t know how safe it is, but maybe it will calm down in a year. The military has seemed to have cleaned out my area pretty well, and there are soldiers with machine guns every ten feet or so in the Campanera. The other parts of my area are a little more chill. So it’s been safer than it used to be. In my three areas (Zactaté, Bosques, and the Campa), the military pressure has always increased while I was there, but more things have been happening in the country.

That’s about it for now.

Chow for now.... Corey

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