Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 39 in El Salvador

September 13, 2010


That’s crazy that its already fall again, how fast the year goes. The people say we are in the middle of winter right now, but just because it is the rainy season. The only difference between winter and summer is that in the winter, you need to hang your clothes up in the house, to let them dry...so in result the house smells terrible. We come in some days completely soaked.... doesn’t matter if we have umbrellas or raincoats.

I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON IN SPANISH. I suppose that is supposed to mean I’m fluent now. We got a little bit of extra time in the house this week, so I finished Alma, and then read Helaman to the end in three days. There is tons of stuff that they can’t translate into Spanish directly, so you learn concepts differently. It’s sweet.

You’ll probably hear from other missionary moms, so guess I’ll tell you. There was a national crisis for three days. Tuesday to Thursday. The gangs threatened the police and there was a three-day lockdown. Almost nobody worked, and there was no transport.... and then the government decided to go through with the anti-gang laws (which they have been disputing FOREVER), and I guess the gangs didn’t like that either, so we were stuck in the house. It was sooo boring.---to the point that my companion knitted a scarf. Everything is back to normal now, and we have been working.

Also--last week several people told me that college has already started. That seems kind of early----can you make sure my scholarship starts for after October. I don’t remember us double-checking. If not, bump it back to the spring, cause I don’t want my mission to be cut short for having to come back for school.

------ummm no the picture of soccer was after we played. Synthetic field are like plastic grass and wood. My camera isn’t very good, but yes there were rug burns. We play soccer every Monday, but it’s usually just on cement turfs. It’s like indoor soccer, but we play it outside. The other day the protective plastic broke in my soccer shoes, so I had to take it out.

----That’s about it. Not much this week.

Chow for now


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