Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 31 in El Salvador


The rains here are not really what I expected. Most of them are just like Kirksville, and occasionally the roads flood a little, but it is nothing like what I saw in Zacatecoluca----back there when it rained, I was wading through water up to above my knees.

The other day, we were talking to a friend named Edwin Castillanos in the street. We saw huge black clouds come up over the hills, and tons of lighting. I told my comp that we should probably head in, and when I said that a huge gust of wind hit us, when there was no wind before. The gust nearly pealed the palm trees over, and they were all bent with the wind. It hadn’t started raining, but we ran a full out sprint to the house, and it was only like five streets, but when we got to the house we were soaking wet, and there was tons of lighting. Later we were talking to Guillermo Roberto Masferrer about the rain. He lives in the train line, a very poor part of the community, and the rain nearly stripped his roof off. He said they were up till 3 in the morning trying to repair it.

Ok, so have fun, take some pictures, tell Gid to buy the dirt bike. Anyway, thanks for everything again. I’ll try to get one of my packages in the mail. I hope my pictures of the stop signs made it to you.



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