Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 49 in El Salvador

November 29, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving.

This week has been interesting.

On Thursday, the zone leaders had a baptism. The poor guy has a phobia of water. He wanted to get baptized, but during the first baptismal session they couldn’t get him under the water----the prayer was said, the sheet was filled out, the people had given their talks. But the guy thrashed and stiffened up, and held onto the short, they reprogrammed it for Thursday, so the bishop (a BIG guy), could baptize him. Only his family showed up (and me and my companion were there, because we had to drop off the baptismal clothes).... the bishop gave a short talk, and then asked the man if he really wanted to be baptized. He responded with a, “yes sir, I really want to do this.”.... once again the prayer was said, and the man thrashed, and braced himself. The bishop told him to sit down, and finally get on his knees...they were both struggling about fifteen minutes...finally the bishop told him to put his face in the water (forward), and the bishop unexpectedly did a football slam backwards in the water...I seriously thought he was gonna break the poor guy’s head on the bottom of the font...but he got dunked. Everyone celebrated afterwards, and the man was really happy, “I feel really content, really content”-he said.

We also had another baptism. A guy named Nelson, which took him nine years and hundreds of missionaries to decide to get baptized. He was the last one in his family to get baptized. He had a couple of dilemmas. His wife is a member, and was crying at he baptism (we did it on her birthday), and later we had a fiesta. The whole ward knows him, because he’s been going to the church for years, off and on when he wasn’t coaching soccer.

We started up English class again, and I got the help of Elder Dennis this time. It works a whole lot better now.

How have my friends been doing in school? How are the kids doing?

Until then, chow for now,

Elder Day

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