Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 48 in El Salvador

November 15, 2010


Yeah, my companion had changes the last minute. They told us 24 hours afterwards, when everyone was boarding the busses with their bags. We had to run back to the house (with my new comp too), pack the bags, take a taxi to Apopa, and drop him off---he was almost angry enough to have taken out one of the Zone Leaders for not telling. So we dropped him off, went to San Salvador to get back to the western terminal, and came back to Soyapango.

I’ll have to adjust to my new comp, because me and E. Alvarado were almost like brothers, and there is a big difference between him and my new comp...my new comp his from Awachapan in El Salvador.

Elder Dennis moved back with me. He’s the district leader. So we should have some new adventures to tell.

Also.... my cocinera loves all the spices and food seasonings you sent me. I told her that I would get some more.... in particular the seasonings for: buffalo wings, chili (soup), and taco seasoning. Beef stroganoff does not exist here. If you can, I would like to give that to her for Christmas, because she absolutely loves them, and doesn’t want to go back to normal cooking.

I’m glad you liked the paintings, but I think you are art starved. Maybe I’ll send one of my sketchbooks.

That’s great for the snow.... hey, if you could do me a favor, start the engine on frankensled, and let her run for a while. I don’t want to end up replacing parts.

Christmas is coming up. And there are a couple people with the lights already hung up. A few of them already have trees.

Everyone, be careful on the snow.

Chow for now,

Elder Day

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