Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 95 in El Salvador (FINAL LETTER!!!!)

October 10, 2011



......The Santana family was baptized.... I’m sending photos....

Like I said, brother Marlon Santana was already a member, but he quit going in 1996, when he moved and forgot about the church. So we baptized the wife and their daughters.

This week has been absolutely crazy.... crazy story with this family.... its like all hell opened up to stop the baptism, long story, the guy lost $400, because he messed up an expensive cell phone in his reparation shop, their friends turned against them, they haven’t had good business all week, and last week, their motorcycle broke, so they have been walking about three miles daily, and having to take the bus, but that still didn’t stop them...they showed up on Saturday, an hour early for the baptism, and excited, even though they hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch, because they didn’t have the money....about an hour before that, there were huge black clouds and lightning in the was about all we could handle (we were stressed by this point by the way)---We thought it was gonna be some kind of hurricane storm by the looks of it, so we went to the house and prayed..... And there was sunshine about five minutes afterwards, and then the family showed up, starving, so we invited them to eat..... The members almost didn’t show up, but at the last minute everyone came.... and the baptism was beautiful.... one of the best I’ve had. We found the best dresses for the family, not jumpers, and it all worked out super well..... I’ll have to tell you about it later. They are going to be strong members.

Anyway... I guess I’m coming home this week. I almost don’t believe that actually. It feels like another change, or like I’ll be in the same routine forever.

Other news.... I think the mission just broke a new record this weekend..... 60 baptisms in one weekend. !!!!

Well.... see ya soon.


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