Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 90 in El Salvador

September 12, 2011


I really don’t have a lot to write this week...

The last few weeks my companion has taken pretty hard, so he’s become more disobedient, thinking that things don’t matter here. I’m trying to encourage him, but it’s been tough. He just turned a year old in the mission, and is probably more baggy than me.

We did have a couple miracles pass though, on Sunday...we thought the week would be the same, we’ve almost dropped all the old people we’ve been teaching, and finding new people (we give them about 3 weeks if they don’t progress, but it depends on who they are)--The branch we are in covers a huge area---like seven towns---we found a family a couple weeks ago in a town called Tierra Blanca ---they are very receptive, but haven’t come to church in two weeks, so when they didn’t arrive on time on Sunday we thought that they were just making excuses and didn’t want to come, like all the other people we talk to, but they actually came, a little late, but all of them showed up.... the husband---was investigating the church for two years in Zacatecoluca, and he’s not sure if he’s baptized or not, but said he hasn’t been confirmed---we need to look up his dates, but we challenged him anyway---we asked him if he would get baptized by someone that has authority, and he said “they have a quorum of the elders there, they have authority, sure”---his wife was a little more hesitant, but we’ll be working with them.

Also, one of our old investigators, a single 16 year old mother named Elizabeth, came back to church, at first she was just going for her boyfriend, and she was super hard to teach (it’s kind of hard when they’ve never gone to school, and don’t know how to read or pay attention).... anyway, a while back she quit going, and then her boyfriend moved to San Salvador, so we thought that after three weeks of going to church, it would be hard (plus she lives a couple miles away).... so we quit visiting...anyway she came to church today, ALONE, without her boyfriend, she stayed for the second class too, and then pulled us out and said , “I’ve been talking to my boyfriend, and I want to be baptized.”---I was surprised, it took me a minute to actually process that she said that, so we’ll see how it goes....

So, thanks for your prayers, keep praying please, we need everything we can get.

---We have a multi-zone this week, with Elder Martino.

That’s about it for now---

Chow for now


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