Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 83 in El Salvador

July 25, 2011


Don’t worry about my birthday or the medicine, the books are fine and I don’t have space right now, also I’m good friends with one of the local doctors, so I get free medicine here.

Well, I didn’t have changes, and I’m still with Elder de Leon, things are going well, but the work is kind of slow. A lot of the people we had progressing are lacking faith on their part to take the last final steps. I’m starting to realize that the missionary work is mostly just about finding the right people, because they do their part in gaining their own testimony in going to church, and everything.... sometimes I don’t understand the mission.

On Thursday we went to the temple...I did see Sister Ferrin...she comes running up to me “Elder Day! Elder Day! I know your mom!”...I looked at her and was thinking, “Look, I have no clue who you are lady”...then she mentioned facebook, and it all clicked together...her and her husband were picking up their son from the West Mission.

On our way to the temple the bus’s front left tire exploded, we were jerked hard to the left, dust and smoke flying, but the bus driver held it all together well...I’ll try to send photos.

All right, first photo...Elder de Leon me and Elder Bol

Second, the bus tire

Third, the temple, one of my best photos

Fourth and fifth are some of the branch members and me and Elder de Leon

---Well, this week we did a couple more service projects, but I didn’t have my camera. One of our investigators is going to plant his farm, and so we had to clear out all the trees around his borders so the sun could hit all the crops. So I was up in the higher parts of the trees, and my companion was in the lower. The guy called it work, but I thought it was pretty fun twenty feet up in the air swinging from branch to branch with a machete in one hand...I did have a small quarrel with a wasp nest, and was stung several times in the face, but it didn’t swell up, at the end of it all, the guy decided to give us coconuts, and each of us has drank about fifteen or more this week.

---Well, some bad news, I’ve been feeling kind of weak for the past couple weeks, or months, and getting skinnier, so when the diarrhea started I went in to get an exam, and I have a new friend-- quistes of Endolimax nana, the mission nurse of course got mad at me, told me this was some kind of super rare parasite, didn’t tell me anything more.... our friend that works in the hospital got me the medicine for free, along with the amoxicillin.... its a form of quistomeb.... it really doesn’t bother me too much. I don’t know how long I’ve had it, but supposedly it is like a little blood sucker that nests itself in my intestine.

Well, I read that discourse that Grandpa sent, very interesting, thanks.

Well, I hope everything is well.

Chow for now,


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