Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 51 in El Salvador


So my number is……. I have to check out the cell phone plans of the neighbors though, ‘cause maybe I can talk for an hour or so for a couple bucks.

That’s great about the weather and the candy. Sounds pretty normal.

As for my health, it has stayed the same, but I’m more worried about other things right now. It’s gotten a little better week by week.

Marcela is a single mother, and one of the friends of Maira Ayala who was just baptized. She is very honest and direct, which makes it easy to teach her. We just need to verify if she has completely put away drinking coffee, and she will be ready for this weekend.

A funny thing happened at church...George, one of our less progressive investigators, walked into the church, and asked the bishop (who was at my side), what he needed to do to get baptized.... the question kind of blew me away, because I wasn’t expecting it from him.... maybe I should paint a picture (he is about six foot redneck, scruffy-curly hair, with a pony tail...he drinks, he smokes, he is not married to his “companion,” and is nearly missing all his teeth, except for the yellow ones in front)...well, he asked what he would have to do to get baptized (he has been going to church, by the way)....and the bishop referred him to me. So, I told him the first thing to do was to get married to his girlfriend, and I told him we could help on the paperwork, but not money...so he opened up his wallet to pull out his I.D. card, and his cigarettes fell out of his wallet, followed by an “oh *****,” so I told him he would have to work on that too, and he was cool with it, so other than his minor problems, we have one more positive investigator. I think we’ll put a goal for next Christmas, but if he’s serious, we could do it sooner.

As for me, I’m doing good right now. I haven’t had a lot of time lately. I have realized many things, and remembered many things, and have become more motivated for the work, and believe we could be doing double the work. Thank you for sending the letter last week about being more strict. I have put it into practice.

Changes are two days before Christmas, and by the way things are going in the zone, I am worried. I’ll get a hold of you though.

Until next time,

Chow for now

Elder Day

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