Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 11 in El Salvador


That’s crazy about all the ice and how warm it is. I told Elder Pena, and he said it was because the Alaskenue was gone.

This week I have been very tired. We’ve went on divisions every day this week, so I’ve been all over the place...been to san Vicente, San Juan a bunch. One time in San Juan, the other missionary forgot the keys. We climbed two stories over the barbwire and under the telephone wires to take apart the window, and break into his own house. It took a half hour, but finally we were able to pull the lock with a mop handle at the second story.

I saw people from the peace core on Tuesday, and another couple on Wednesday. It was nice to speak English. The couple that I met on Wednesday is from Wisconsin, and they are doing agriculture projects. They said they spent a couple years in Fairbanks Alaska also. My thought personally, is the peace core needs to help with the litter, and getting rid of all these dogs that look like a Dr. Seuss project that’s had time to ripen with diseases.

This is Elder Peña. [referring to a photo] He has become one of my best friends of the mission. He is an elder from Chile. He was kicked out of his house for joining the church, so he moved out on his own. He joined the military, and has never taken vacation time. He has fought in conflicts against Peru and Bolivia for his country. The first photo is a picture of a bullet scar he got while fighting in Bolivia. He was down on the ground, shooting, and the bullet ripped through his leg. He rolled over and continued shooting. Most of the Elders don’t like him, because he still has a very military attitude, and he still cusses. These are small things for me, and I can see he’s working hard and trying. He was the trainer of the new recruits into the military. He collected his vacation time so he could go on a mission two years and three months of vacation time. He said every war gave him more vacation. Anyways, I thought you might like to see the photo of the scar, and a little of his stories.

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